2009-06-17 / Entertainment

Super fan video on Hgtv

Victoria Henley

Victoria Henley is back again, this time in a video for www.hgtv.com! HGTV is currently holding a search for the next home and garden "Super Fan", and Henley has been officially named one of the five "Top Rated" videos by the producers. Now, she wants you to play your part in the competitions by logging on to the site, placing your cursor over the box at the top of the home page, and clicking on the line that says "Be the Next Super Fan."

Victoria's video is the third one across to the right; just click, watch, and enjoy! This is not a contest that is dependent upon votes; it isis decided by the producers of HGTV, however, Victoria wants to get a sufficient amount of hits on her video. Remember, when viewing the site, please limit the viewing of other videos, because it will give her competition extra hits. Please look at Victoria's video, "Victoria Henley/Super Fan/ Super Freak", everyday and spread the news to your family, friends, and especially to your e-mail or Facebook contacts.

If you have any questions, you may call (229)758-5322, (229)416- 7108, or e-mail lynnboathen@ yahoo.com. Thank's for your support!

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