2009-05-20 / Public Safety

Public Safety report

May 4 800E Speak with Unruly Juvenile •Hit and Run •Escort

May 5 800E Domestic, Grow St. •Domestic, Martin Luther King, Jr. St. •Intoxicated Driver, Hwy. 91 N. •Suspicious Person/ Vehicle, Crawford @ College St. •Reckless Conduct, Spring Creek Park •Unlock Vehicle, N. Milford St. •Open Door, Milford St.

May 8 800D Disturbance, 2nd St. •Disturbance, Milford St. •Traffic Stop x4 •Security Check x4

800E Snake •Mental Subject, N. 4th St. •Suspicious Person/Vehicle x2 •Suspicious Activity, High School •Throwing Trash in Road, Top Road

May 9 800D Driving without License and no Insurance •Traffic Stop x4 •Unlock Vehicle x2 •Assist EMS •Security Check x4 •Simple Battery, Dancer St.

800E Domestic •Fight •Assist 800D with Traffic Stop •Suspicious Person/ Vehicle x3 •Domestic, Sheriff's Office •Unlock Vehicle, N. 2nd St.

May 10 800D Disturbance, 2nd St. •Unlock Vehicle •Security Check x5 •Traffic Stop x3

800E Intoxicated Pedestrian, 3rd St. •Suspicious Person/Vehicle x2

May 11 800C Domestic 800G Damage to Property •Unruly Dog, Pine St. •Stolen Gun, Main St. •Accident, Grace St. •Suspicious Person/Vehicle, Pine and West St.

May 12 800G Dog Call •911 Hang-up •Suspicious Person/Vehicle

May 13 800E Domestic •Unlock Vehicle, Hwy. 45 N. •Disturbance •Damage to Property, Sheriff's Office •Suspicious Person/ Vehicle •Open Door

800S Funeral Escort x2, Crawford St. •Speak to Subject, N. 4th St. •Assist 800E with Domestic, Grow St.

May 15 800C Domestic • Road Block

800G Suspicious Person/ Vehicle x2 •Disturbance •Domestic •Accident, Private Property

May 16 800C Domestic •Assist 800G with Suspicious Person/Vehicle •Traffic Stop x2

800G Break-in, Grow St. •Suspicious Person/ Vehicle x4

May 17 800G Suspicious Person/ Vehicle
911 Calls
05-05 Medical, E. Dancer
05-05 Medical, Hwy.
45 S.
05-06 Pack of Dogs,
Baker County
05-06 Medical
05-06 Spin Tires/Fight,
Hwy. 310
05-12 911 Hang-up, S.
Cuthbert St.
05-12 Phone Trouble,
Baker County
05-12 Phone Trouble,
Oak Dr.
05-13 Hang-up x2, Baker
05-16 Unwanted Person,
45 N.
05-17 Medical, Smiley
05-17 Medical, Baker

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