2009-05-06 / School & Sports

A lesson from bees

- - - - by Arthur Gordon

I was surprised when our friend Charlie joined our prayer group. Charlie wasn't a joiner. So the next time I saw him I asked him about it.

"Well," said Charlie, "I had problems, and I was praying about them, but I didn't seem to be getting anywhere. Then one day I read an article about bees. When it gets too hot in a hive, a group of worker bees all face in one direction, anchor themselves to the floor, and fan their wings rapidly. One bee

alone wouldn't make much

of a difference, but a lot of bees can produce an air current strong enough to draw fresh, cool air into the hive and blow the stale air out.

"So, I said to myself, 'If a group of bees working together can activate a healing current that changes everything for the better, maybe a group of people can do the same thing.'"

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