2009-05-06 / Public Safety

Law Enforcement Report

Vehicle Accident

On April 27, Tori Lamira Worthy was traveling east on Harmony Church Road when a deer came into the roadway striking the front passenger side of the vehicle. There was slight damage to the vehicle.

On April 29, Inelle W. Williams was attempting to back up from parking.

David Gleen Heard's vehicle was unattended and parked in the parking lot. Williams misjudged clearance and struck Heard's vehicle. Williams' rear driver side bumper struck Heard's rear passenger side panel, causing slight damage to Williams' vehicle and minor damage to Heard's. No citations were issued, and no injuries were reported at the time of the accident.

Damage to Property

On April 28, The Miller County Road Department was traveling east on Cooktown Road, and

Cora Lee Jones was traveling west on Cooktown Road. Upon the vehicles meeting, a rock was either kicked up off the road or fell off of the Road Department vehicle. The rock then struck the windshield of Jones' vehicle causing a chip to the windshield. The incident took place just east of Henley and Cooktown Road.

Theft by Taking

On May 2, Hinton James Bryant stated that he had a dog stolen. Bryant stated that the dog was in his fencedin yard with three other dogs the prior date. He stated the dog was born December 2008 and goes by the name "Judge." The dog is described as a pit bulldog, brendel color, 25 pounds, a blue collar. Bryant stated that he noticed a black male teenager come by his house and take photographs of the dog with his cell phone. He stated that when he sees the subject again he will call. The case has been turned over to investigations.



On April 26, Brandi Eliza Phillips came to the Police Department in reference to harassing communications. Phillips advised that her ex-husband, Eli Phillips, had been sending her text messages over the phone over and over harassing her and her new boyfriend. Eli advised that he was just responding to her texts. He advised that she would send the initial text to him.


On April 29, Fiandrea P. Grimes stated that when she walked outside and opened her car door she realized that her vehicle had been damaged on the windshield and glove box. Investigator Morgan was called for further investigation.

Theft of Other Vehicle

On April 30, Tommy West advised that his stepson's four wheeler had been stolen from behind their house. According to West his stepson,

Rusty Darley, is in an alternative care home and the four wheeler was left in his care. The case is under investigation.


On May 1, Ray E. Josey Jr. was placed under arrest after a road side Alco-Sensor Test read positive for alcohol.

Peeping Tom

On April 28, Earnest Thompson was charged with one count of Peeping Tom. Courtney Moten stated that Thompson had harassed her from time to time. Moten stated that Thompson has followed her around in the past, sent unwanted text messages and phone calls, and spied on her as well. Moten stated that there has been times in the recent past that her daughter has told her that she saw a man looking in the window. Moten stated that she did not believe the child and thought maybe she was imagining these things, but now she feels like it may be true. Moten was advised that a warrant would be obtained on Thompson. She was also advised to report any future incidents.

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