2009-05-06 / Living & Style

McLendon-Phillips Act II - May 16, 2009

Joshua Allen Phillips and Alexandria Day McLendon Joshua Allen Phillips and Alexandria Day McLendon One year ago this May, Joshua Allen Philips proposed to Alexandria Day McLendon at the conclusion of a Swamp Gravy production in the Albany Municipal Auditorium. The Phillips' family has been retelling stories as members of the Swamp Gravy cast for the past four years. Josh decided this venue would be used to launch a new story to pass on to future generations.

The story began one summer morning nine years earlier when Josh's mother asked Alexandria's mother if she knew of a babysitter for her boys. Not knowing the ages of all three boys, Alexandria was suggested. And now…

Alexandria and Josh will be married on May 16, 2009, at the First Baptist Church of Blakely at 7 o'clock. The Rev. David Cummings of Valdosta will officiate the wedding. Alexandria is the daughter of Hoyle and Deborah McLendon. Josh is the son of Greg and Lauriann Phillips of Colquitt.

All friends and family of the McLendon and Phillips' families are asked to please accept this announcement as a warm and cordial invitation to join in celebrating the marriage of Alexandria and Josh on May 16, at 7:00 p.m.

All friends and relatives are cordially invited to the wedding and dinner reception and dance after the ceremony.

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