2009-05-06 / Health

Nursing Home News

by Suzanne Griffin

Residents and staff have been very busy with our regular scheduled activities. We are all excited about our upcoming week. May 11-15, 2009, we will be observing National Nursing Home Week. We have lots of activities planned for this week and hope that many of you will come out for the fun.

Monday, May 11- 10:30 Balloon Release, Cory Thomas assisting

6:30 Family Night Supper

Tuesday, May 12-10:30 Bingo

2:30 Price Is Right

6:30 Swamp Gravy

Wednesday, May 13- 10:30 Church

2:30 Homemade Ice Cream

Thursday, May 14-10:30 Bingo

12:00 Hamburger Cookout

2:30 1 Hour Bingo

6:30 Singing with Buddy Johnson

Friday, May 15- 10:30 Church

12:00 Fish Fry

2:30 See You on the Big Screen

As you can see, we have lots coming up. We need donations for the Price is Right. If you would like to give, please give me a call at 758-4235. Thanks for all your help and again we hope that each of you will make a special effort to come by the Nursing Home during National Nursing Home Week.

People Who Visited: Carl visited Mayola Roberts..

Mae Bailey visited Mr. and Mrs. Whitaker.

Mary Burke, Vivian Warren, and Vera Stewart visited Lazelle Smith.

Betty McNeal, Joyce Hughes, and Sarah Harrell visited Frances Holland.

Bernice Miller visited Sidney Bush.

Katie Williams visited Eddie Williams.

Linda Widner and Sue Buttler visited Grace Roberts.

Winston Zorn visited Lazelle Smith.

Libby Roland and Tara Young visited Essie George.

Virginia Williams visited Eddie Williams.

Minnio, Gladys Burr and Betty Morris visited Audrey Cowart.

Casey Williams visited Joann Chrispen.

Ethel Reed visited Darrien Eubanks.

Lashaundra White visited Lee White.

Dot Odom visited Pauline Gardner.

Annelle Antis visited Jim Justice.

Doris Gaines visited Darien Eubanks.

Pat Elsberry visited Pauline Gardner.

May and Shereka Daniels visited Daniel Graham.

Kasey, Nathan and Kimberly Burke visited Lazelle Smith.

Pat Elsberry visited Pauline Gardner.

Charles, Sammy and Cathy Gardner visited Pauline Gardner.

Teresa Cooper visited Rusty Darley and Ferrell Tatum.

Mae Bailey visited Mr. and Mrs. Whitaker.

Juanita and Jennifer Hightower visited Lonnie Bell Stromer.

Mary Burke visited Lazelle Smith.

Brenda Hughes visited Roy Dule.

Diane Graham and Gezell Patterson visited Daniel Graham.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit.

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