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Bainbridge -When a man walked into the Donalsonville emergency room with a knife stuck out of his back; it was not a Halloween gag. Edward Earl Chambers viciously plunged to the hilt a 6" knife into the back of 47-year-old Joseph Curls. The stabbing occurred sometime between 2 and 3:30 a.m. Tuesday night.

The knife was plunged between his shoulder blades and missed his spine by the width of the knife blade. One would think a knife thrust 6" into his back should mean death, but miraculously resulted in a minor injury for Joseph Curls. He was kept overnight for observation.

Sheriff's deputies are continuing their search for the 51-year-old Chambers, also known as Little Robert, that began very early Wednesday morning.

Sheriff's Major Wendell Cofer stated he was alerted to the attack by the Donalsonville Hospital at about 4 a.m. The original story was the attack was due to an argument over a woman. Major Cofer stated that story had proven to be untrue, but he was not able to release details.

The stabbing occurred inside the residence at 333 Josey Lane in Brinson.

On Wednesday morning, sheriff's investigators searched the home for evidence related to the stabbing.

During their search, sheriff's investigators discovered a meth lab. Major Cofer stated the meth lab discovery resulted in the arrest of Pamela Sandefer. He stated more arrests are pending in that investigation.

Edward Earl Chambers, 51, has served about 10 of 25 years sentenced to state prison on four different occasions beginning in 1980. Crimes include the sale/distribution of marijuana, theft by taking and escape. He was last released March 31, 2003.

Cairo - A Grady County sheriff's detail is saving the county thousands of dollars and providing detention center inmates opportunities to learn new skills, increase pride and self-esteem, and give something back to the community.

The program, under the direction of Jail Administrator Captain Tim Gainous, was instituted in January when female detainees took over responsibility for cleaning services at the Grady County Courthouse and other county buildings.

Prior to the sheriff's office providing cleaning services, the county contracted with a private company to provide the inside upkeep at the courthouse for an annual cost of over $40,000, according to Grady County District 3 Commissioner Charles D. Norton.

Camilla - Mitchell County DFACS client Mary Irvin pled guilty to two counts of fraud in obtaining public assistance and three counts of false statements.

She received 20 years probation, and must pay restitution of $19,276, with a fine of $1,500.00.

Linda Dykes pled guilty to one count of fraud in obtaining public assistance and two counts of false statements. She received 15 years of probation, plus restitution of $13,162, fine of $1,500.00.

Shirley Mormon pled guilty to one count of fraud in obtaining public assistance and two counts of false statements. She received 15 years of probation and must pay restitution of $6,980, also with a fine of $1,500.00.

Donalsonville - Monday, April 20, Deputy Lee Owens received information about trespassing and damage to private property in southern Seminole County.

Owens found that Terrell Odom had been driving his four wheel ATV across a field planted in corn, damaging several acres of the crop.

Deputy Owens and Sheriff Heath Elliott had also received information that Odom had been cooking methamphetamine and was using the ATV to travel to the cook site.

Owens and Pataula Drug Task Force agents conducted a surveillance operation on the corn field and Odom's home. The surveillance operation led to two lab cook sites.

Officers seized a quantity of methamphetamine and marijuana and two four wheel ATVs that were used in the operation.

Terrell Ladon Odom has been charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine and possession of marijuana. Krystal Marie Odom was also charged with possession of marijuana. Both are on probation for prior related charges.

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