2009-04-22 / Public Safety

Law Enforcement Report

Vehicle Accident

On April 19, Michael Dennis Perry was traveling east on Griggs Lucille Road. A deer entered into the path of the vehicle, and the collision could not be avoided.

Hit and Run

On April 17, Shrona Gipson stated that she and her 13-year-old son were in the yard when her dog began running along the road as a vehicle was coming southbound. Gipson stated that the vehicle then slammed on the brakes and swerved into the northbound lane hitting the dog and killing it. Gipson stated that the vehicle was a full-sized pickup, white in color. Gipson stated that the pickup sped away after striking the dog and as she was yelling at the driver to stop. Gipson stated that she felt like the dog was struck intentionally and wanted to know what could be done. Officer Brad Cox then walked out into the road to see if there was any evidence Gipson's story in the roadway. Officer Cox did not see any skid or swerve marks in the roadway. The only marks visible were in the grass along the southbound shoulder, where it appeared that the pickup had actually tried to avoid striking the dog. Officer Cox advised that there wasn't anything that could be done to the driver of the pickup because the dog should have never been allowed to get in the road to begin with. Gipson was also advised that she could be held liable for any damages the dog may have caused to the pickup if its driver did come forward.

Public Drunkenness

On April 13, Alex Key was advised that he was under arrest for Public Drunk and Littering. Key was taken to the Sheriff 's Office and booked. Marijuana Possession

On April 14, Talishiya L. Larry was placed under arrest for Possession of Marijuana. Larry was taken to the Sheriff's Office where she was booked and paperwork completed. All evidence was secured and sealed and stored until it can be tested.

Disorderly Conduct

On April 14, Garnie C. Perkins was yelling and pounding on the wall of his residence. Perkins was slamming things around in the bedroom area of his apartment. Officer Charles Griffin could smell the strong odor of alcohol on and about Perkins. At this point Perkins was arrested for Disorderly Conduct City Ordinance. Perkins was then transported to the Miller County Jail.

Aggravated Assault

On April 15, after speaking with Deborah Shedd and Russell McLendon and seeing the injuries sustained by both parties, as well as the damage to the interior of the residence as a result of the altercation. William Stanley Shedd was placed under arrest for aggravated assault domestic violence. Stanley was transported to the Miller County Jail where warrants are pending.


On April 19, Carman R. Snell advised that she had money taken out of her vehicle durof ing the night. Further investigation will be taken.

Theft by Taking

On April 17, Dominic J. Mongillo stated that three vehicles, 50 sheets of plywood, 75 sheets of sheet rock, and several tools were missing from his residence. Mongillo lives in Florida and stated that it had been approximately eight to 10 months since he had been at the residence on Helms Road. There was no evidence at the scene.

Stolen or Lost


On April 16, Jeanine Genovar reported that her billfold was missing. Genovar stated that her driver's license, social security card, her work items, and approximately $14.00 were in her billfold.

Mailbox Damage/


On April 14, Greg Calhoun called the Sheriff's Office and reported someone had hit his daughter's mailbox. Calhoun stated there were several bottles around the mailbox area previous to the mailbox being damaged. Between April 14 and April 15, someone struck the mailbox with a bottle causing damage to the mailbox.

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