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First Strongman Contest showed strength and smarts

by Glenda Bailey The 26th National

Mayha w F estiv al. Photo by April Bryant These were some of the participants in the first Strongman Contest at the National
The 26th National Mayhaw Festival brought on a lot of great booths, food, and entertainment this year, and the newest entertainment was the Strongest Athlete Competition. A big thank you goes out to Lea Jones, Kathy Burch, Brad Bell, and Anthony Cobb for organizing this event and to Coach Tim Martin, Coach Jimmy Heath and Mr. Chris Leah for being the time keepers for each event. Fourteen competitors competed in three different weight classes. The events were first --truck pull for 20 yards, second --Big Tractor Tire Flip, third-- Sand Bag Run, and fourth --the Agility Course.

In the lightweight division ranging from 150 pounds/ less, there were two young men from Early County, Terrell Carwell and Deangleo Young and Rickelle Wilson from Seminole County. These guys were awesome in each event and represented their school to the highest. The over all winner was Deangleo Young with a total of 10 points.

In the middle weight division ranging from 151 to 210 pounds, competitors were Rashon Smith and Kajuan Freeman from Early County and Barren Rambo from Seminole County. Again the strength these young athletes hold was magnificent. Kajuan Freeman from Early County won overall.

Don't rule out the old men! Strongman Contest
Then there was the middle weight division of the older men which consisted of Cody Houston, Allen George, and Anthony Cobb. Do not let Anthony Cobb fool you; this young man competed back in college and holds several titles in body building and weight lifting. Allen George was overall in this middleweight division.

Last, the heavy weight division brought on some Goliath strength. The range went from 211 pounds and over. You could tell they had been eating their Wheaties! Jeffrey King from Miller County was the only high school athlete that competed and performed tremendously, also Jordan Heath and Kaylon Harrell from Early County and Tanner Harper and Chris Leah from Seminole County. These guys had those tractor tires flipping non stop, carried those sand bags with ease and ran the agility course with no problems. The Truck Pull was like pushing a baby stroller; the strength that all of these men hold was absolutely unreal to see. Jordan Heath from Early County carried home the Gold.

Mr. Bell, Ms. Jones, and Ms. Burch hopes to carry on the Strongest Athlete Competition next year at the Mayhaw Festival, but they need participants. Mr. Bell stated, "I contacted several area schools to come and compete, but only athletes from three schools came. This could be a great way of getting our athletes in shape during the off season and keeping them motivated for the upcoming school year." Mr. Bell enjoys getting involved with the young athletes and is a very positive role model for all students.

Hey, you don't have to be in school, any age can come and participate. It is good clean fun and entertainment for the young at heart. So next year, mark your calendar for the 27th National Mayhaw Festival and come on down and compete with the strongest men there are around. It is fun to watch, and the look of determination in each of their eyes is what it is all about.

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