2009-02-11 / Public Safety

Two vehicle crash cut one auto in half, and it burns

by MCL staff writer

Photos by Tim Haire Nelson walks away uninjured from this part of the vehicle he was driving.
A fiery crash on State Highway 253 north that started in Decatur County and ended a few yards across the county line into Baker County. The two-vehicle crash cut the front end off one vehicle and sent the other vehicle's driver to the hospital with what some at the wreck scene thought may be two broken legs and other injuries. The incident dispatched fire, rescue and law enforcement officers from Miller, Decatur and Baker counties.

The driver of the vehicle cut in half and partially burned was Santerious Nelson, 17. He walked away with no injuries from his vehicle that was ripped apart, with the front section burning and the section the driver was in demolished.

The two vehicle accident occurred Saturday morning at 2:00 a.m. The motor section of his Pontiac Bonneville landed on the opposite side of the road and ignited. Decatur County Fire extinguished

the engine blaze.

The driver of the other vehicle, Larsen Wilkinson, 21, suffered what some other first responders thought to be two broken legs. Ms. Wilkinson was transported to Tallahassee directly from the scene for treatment.

This is what's left of Santerious Nelson's front end of his vehicle.
Georgia State Troopers Kyle Duke and Walt Landrum from Post 14 Colquitt, were in charge of the accident investigation.

Responders stated that Santerious was traveling north when his vehicle left the highway. He pulled the auto back onto the highway and into the southbound lane. When he attempted to pull his car back towards his lane of travel, his car went into a spin.

The driver of the other auto, Larsen Wilkinson, did not have a chance to brake as the car spun in front of her.

Wilkinson's vehicle struck the passenger side of Nelson's vehicle and sheared off the engine portion.

The GSP accident report was unavailable Monday at noon.

This is what is left of Ms. Wilkinson's vehicle.

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