2008-12-31 / Public Safety

Law Enforcement Report


On December 4th during a steady rain, Officer Brad Cox was patrolling southbound on Highway 91 South, when he observed a maroon Ford F-250 ahead of him, also traveling southbound. He then observed that the vehicle in question appeared to be weaving over the roadway and cross the center- line. Officer Cox then activated his in-car video camera system, as he continued to follow the vehicle to watch it more closely. He followed the vehicle a short while, and observed it weave, crossing both the center- line, and fog-line several more times. Officer Cox then activated his blue lights after observing this and pulled the vehicle over. He then made contact with the driver, Gary Milton Whatley, and asked to see his driver's license and registration. Whatley stated to Officer Cox that he did not have his license on him, and that the vehicle belonged to his boss. Officer Cox detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Whatley's person as he spoke to him. He also observed that Whatley's eyes were blood-shot and glossy, and his speech was slurred. He also observed that Whatley's face had a red appearance and that in all, he appeared to be intoxicated. Whatley was also smoking heavily at that time as well. Officer Cox advised Whatley of why he had been stopped and asked him if he had been drinking. Whatley stated that he had drank a beer about one hour prior, but that he wasn't drunk. Officer Cox then stepped back to his patrol car and radioed Lt. Dale Glover to come to his location. Officer Cox also had dispatch run Whatley's name and date of birth through Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, as well as the vehicle's license plate. As Officer Cox was waiting for the information to come back, he observed Whatley finish a cigarette and drop the butt out of his window, and then more smoke began coming from the vehicle as he lit another. Dispatch advised me that Whatley had a license through Alabama, but that it had expired. Officer Cox then returned to Whatley and had him step out of his vehicle. Officer Cox observed that Whatley was unsteady on his feet when he stepped out of the vehicle, and that he was still smoking his cigarettes very heavily. Officer Cox asked Whatley if he would submit to a road-side breath test and he stated that he would. Officer Cox asked Whatley if he was telling me that he had drank only one beer as he had advised him earlier, and he then stated that he had drank two or three earlier in the day. Officer Cox advised Whatley to put out his cigarette and wait in front of his car as he retrieved his portable alcosensor. Instead he went around as if he were going to Officer Cox's passenger side door. Officer Cox advised him that he said to stand in front of his car. He then came around to the front driver-side corner, at which time Officer Cox told him again that he wanted him in front of the car. Officer Cox then retrieved his portable alcosensor and used it to conduct a roadside breath test on Whatley. The test came back positive for a high amount of alcohol in Whatley's system. Lt. Glover arrived at about that time and heard Officer Cox ask Whatley if there was any alcohol inside the vehicle. Whatley stated that he had a beer inside his vehicle. Officer Cox asked Whatley if it was open and he advised him that it was. Lt. Glover then retrieved an open 24 oz can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer from the driverside floorboard, which he stated was half full and still cold. Lt. Glover poured the beer out as he read Whatley the Georgia implied consent notice and asked if he would submit to the state administered chemical test of his breath. Whatley stated that he would submit. Officer Cox then placed Whatley under arrest at that time and transported him to the Miller County Jail. Lt. Glover began inventorying the vehicle, as he waited for Watson's Wrecker Service to come pick it up. At the jail Officer Cox tested Whatley on the intoxilyzer model 5000, which indicated that his blood-alcohol concentration was 0.151 Grams. Whatley was charged with failure to maintain lane, driving under the influence, and open container. Whatley was then turned over to the jailer to be booked.

Vehicle Accident

On December 23rd Walter Jeffery Dancer was traveling Eastbound on Griggs Lucille Road when a deer entered the roadway from the Eastbound shoulder, and ran out in front of his vehicle. Dancer could not avoid the deer and struck it in the roadway causing damage to his vehicle.

On December 21st Shana Marie Bridges was traveling Southbound on Georgia Highway 91 South of Colquitt. A deer entered the path of the vehicle, from the left side of the road, the driver was unable to avoid the deer, which caused damage to the front hood and right side of the windshield on impact with the deer.

On December 5th Gloria Jean Tinson was traveling West on Harmony Church Road East of Highway 45 North in Miller County when a deer ran out in front of her causing damage to the front of her 2000 Saturn car.

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