2008-12-03 / Health

Nursing Home News

by Suzanne Griffin

Residents and staff are gearing up for the holidays. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving week last week with lots of family and friend visiting. We are starting to get out the Christmas decorations, so it will not be long before all the trees are trimmed, and all the lights will be on. Christmas is an exciting time for us. We still have residents that have not been adopted for Christmas. If you would like to adopt one of them, please give me a call as soon as possible at 758-4235, or you may come by the Activity Department at the Nursing Home.

We had our regular activities last week - bingo, church service, and "Temple Praise Band" came to sing for us. We would like to say thanks to anyone who took part in the activities last week. We look forward to seeing all of you soon.

People who Visited:

Barbara Hand and Edarina Johnston visited Teresa Mathis.

Sammy Gardner visited Pauline Gardner.

Iva Bailey visited the Whitakers.

Mary Burke visited Lazelle Smith.

Bobby, Carolyn Conard and Rusty visited Pauline Gardner.

Eric, Colleen, Connor Johnson visited Roy Duke.

Joel, Jennifer, Ashtun, Jaret and Donna visited Lucille O'Neal.

Brenda Pearson visited Joean Chrispen.

Angie and Jeff Simmons visited Wilma and Lee Adams.

Arlene Mueller visited Roy Duke.

Mary Grace Burke visited Lazelle Smith.

Keith, Kasey, Lori, Burla visited Lazelle Smith.

Kimberly and Nikki Burke visited Lazelle Smith.

Rhonda Saner visited Bobby Poole.

Georgia Ayers visited Pauline Gardner.

Jessica Widner visited Grace Roberts.

Sue Butler visited Grace Roberts.

Linda Widner Grace Roberts

Robert White visited Audery Cowart.

Charlene Holt visited David Holt.

Brenda and Gene Hughes visited Roy Duke.

Sharon and Joyce Kolbuss visited Pauline Gardner.

Angie and Lacey Simmons visited Wilma and Lee Adams.

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