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A turnip green story

••••••••• by Clare Riley

A sad story with a happy ending…

Once there was a little turnip green whose best friend was named Cornbread. They played happily in the fields until one day a little ole lady came to invite them home with her. She told them that she wanted to send them over the "great water" to visit a very lonely warrior. He was a wonderful, strong man who needed friends from home to cheer him up. They were so excited!

Well, it turned out that Turnip Green (a.k.a. T.G.) was unable to find a suitcase (a container fit for shipping) to fit in and, therefore, could not go. Oh, how sad he was. He thought, "There will not be an heir to go, what will I do?" And then he remembered his cousin C.T.G. who had been canned from his job and would love to go. The little old lady was distressed that fresh T.G. had to be replaced by "canned T.G." but at least the wonderful warrior would have some friends from the good old South to visit him. It took the little old lady a few days to freshen up Cornbread and get them ready for travel. They said goodbye to the little old lady and Fresh T.G. who was going to miss his best friend, but he knew how much the big, strong warrior needed him.

This story was sent to our son, Will, who is stationed in Iraq.

Will is the son of Bill and Clare Riley of Colquitt.

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