2008-10-22 / Public Safety

Law Enforcement Report

Vehicle Accident

On October 19, Samantha Laquosha Martin was traveling south on Old Donalsonville Road. A deer entered into the path of the vehicle, and Martin applied the brakes to avoid the collision. Martin then lost control of the vehicle and struck the ditch on the west side of the road.

On October 19, Derrick Deon Mennette made contact with Officer Brad Cox at the Miller County Sheriff's Office, in reference to filing a report. Mennette stated that he had struck a deer with his vehicle. Mennette stated that he was traveling eastbound on Cooktown Road when a deer ran out into the roadway in front of his pickup truck. Mennette stated that he could not avoid the deer and struck it at that time. Mennette then showed Officer Cox the damage to his pickup truck, at which time Officer Cox observed that it had suffered moderate damage to the front bumper and grill area. Officer Cox also observed that deer hair was still stuck to the damaged area at that time. Mennette was advised to obtain a copy of the report at a later time if he wished to file it on his insurance.

On October 16, Adam Thomas Worsley was traveling south on Henry Miller Road, looked down to pick up his cell phone, while negotiating a curve, came upon the intersection of Henry Miller Road and Highway 91 North, ran over the stop sign at the northern side of the intersection, crossed over Highway 91 North into the south side ditch and back onto Henry Miller Road, causing extensive damage to his vehicle.

On October 13, Betty J.

Nelson stated that she and her daughter, Ashley, were traveling east on Cooktown Road, when a deer ran out in front of her vehicle. Nelson stated that she could not avoid the deer and struck it in the roadway. Nelson stated that the deer ran off and that she then drove to her residence. Officer Brad Cox observed that Nelson's vehicle had moderate damage to the front bumper and grill area. There was also deer hair still stuck to the vehicle at that time. Nelson was advised to obtain a copy of the report and forward it to her insurance company.

On October 13, Elix Houston Jones stated that he came to a stop at College Street and Crawford Street and did not see

Kerry Hugh Chandler and pulled out on Crawford Street in front of Chandler. Chandler tried to miss Jones but was unable to do so.

On October 16, Renee Deloris Johnson was attempting to leave the parking lot in a eastward direction. Alan Sherburn was backing up in a southward direction. Sherburn misjudged the clearance and struck Johnson. No injuries and no citation(s) were given and reported at the time of the accident, and pictures were taken.

On October 17, Officer Jason Wells was flagged down by

Jewel Lee Gammage who stated that she hit the UPS truck. Upon arrival, Gammage pointed out the UPS Truck at the Board of Education Building. Gammage stated that the UPS Truck was parked just over the white fog line on the right side of the road. Gammage stated that she struck

Robert Todd Addison's truck with her passenger side mirror. No damage was caused to the mirror. The mirror was knocked out of the mirror holder, but it was put back in place. The UPS truck was parked by Addison and was unoccupied at the time of incidence. The UPS Driver stated that he was not over the line.

On October 17, Caren P. Harris was stopped at the stop sign at the intersection of West Street and Crawford Street facing north. Julia Ann Smith failed to stop and struck the back of Harris, causing minor damage to her vehicle. There was no report of any injuries while on scene, and no citations were issued.

Driving While License


On October 18, Officer Brad Cox observed a black Jeep Cherokee ahead of him traveling westbound on Main Street, and the vehicle had a non-working taillight on its driver side. Officer Cox then activated his blue lights, and the vehicle pulled over in the IGA Parking Lot. Officer Cox made contact with the driver, Kory Dain Toliver, who had told him earlier in the day that his license had been suspended. Officer Cox then had dispatch run Toliver's name and date of birth through GCIC to confirm that his license was suspended. Dispatch advised that Toliver's license was revoked for DUI. Toliver was placed under arrest at that time and transported to the Miller County Jail, where he was charged with Taillight Requirement Violation and Driving While License Revoked.

Disorderly Conduct On October 17, while patrolling on Milford Street Officer Scott Cleveland noticed two males in an argument. As Officer Cleveland began to pass by the males, he saw the males begin to strike on another. The two males were Corey Deandre Roseborough and a Mr. Ross. Officer Cleveland exited his patrol unit and grabbed Roseborough before he could deliver another punch. While placing Roseborough under arrest, Ross left the scene and was unable to be located. Roseborough was transported to the jail where he was booked in on the charge of Disorderly Conduct.

Damage to Property

On October 18, Michael Anthony Jones came to the Police Department and advised that his 2001 Chevy 1500 Truck had been keyed last night at the high school football game. Officer Hollis Smith looked at the said vehicle and found that it had been damaged by some type of tool. The vehicle had wavelike marks going all the way down both sides of it and having Miller County #1 on the hood carved into the paint. This matter is being turned into the Investigations Department for further review.

Theft of Other Vehicle

On October 13, Officer Hollis Smith was called to Adkinson Construction about a stolen tractor. Edwin Adkinson advised that he had a 2008 7130 John Deere tractor stolen from his place of business sometime during the night. The tractor has been recovered outside the city limits a short time later.

This matter has been turned over to the Investigation Department for further review.

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