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Indians sink Pirates in final seconds 13-12

by Glenda Bailey

Pirates' offense comes up short on fourth down.
Every year no matter what comes or goes, how many games are won or how games are lost, when the Miller County Pirates and the Seminole County Indians come together on a football field, all others are forgotten. This was the most intensified game played between these two teams.

Pirate captains for the game were Russell Hart, Chris Williams, and McQuel Sims, and Seminole's captains were Nathaniel George, Johnnie Jones, Tony McElroy, and Chris Virgin.

As the game began, the Pirates were on the receiving end of the ball. Seminole County kicked, and the ball fell in Ja- Michael Shepard's arms, then it was off to races. Shepard zigged-zagged through Indian after Indian to run a 90 yard kick-off return to put the Pi- rates on the board, but the point attempt failed.

Seminole answered back on fourth and 1 with Quarterback Rodrigus Scott's pitch out Tony McElroy. The Indians missed their point attempt, but the score was tied 6-6.

The Pirates picked up three first downs on the next drive, and on the fourth down, the Pirates faked a punt by Russell Hart. Hart threw to Terry Williams for the touchdown. The two point conversion was broken up by the Indians. The score remained 12-6 as the first half of the game came to an end.

Half-time was dynamic as the Seminole County Marching Indians performed "The Wizard of Oz" musical. Their Majorettes twirled fire-flaming batons and that is something football fans do not see very often these days. Our own Miller County Marching Band performed superbly as always to "Video Games Live." Afterward, Mr. Mitch Vann was the winner of attempting to kick a field goal, but Mr. Vann did not quite get the old boot into the little pig.

As the second half got underway, Seminole County had control of the ball, picking up three first downs. An Indian's fumble was Pirate-Cosby Salters' wish as he recovered.

It has always been said that offense puts the points on the scoreboard, but it is a strong defense that wins the games. Well, both of these teams' defenses stood as strong as ever in this game. It has always been this way, though, between Miller and Seminole. The intensity between the Pirates and the Indians is electrifying, no doubt!

The score remained 12-6, and the Pirates drove down hard, and it was fourth and 3 deep in the Indians' territory. Coach Kill had faith in his Pirates that they could get another first down, so the Pirates went for it. Unfortunately, the Indians held their ground and stopped the Pirates.

The Indians were on the Pirates' 30 yard-line moving the pig. Second down, SC Scott made connection to a wide receiver to pick up a first down. The clock held 29 seconds when the Indians scored a touchdown, making the game tied 12-12. Fans were hoping it would go into overtime, but it did not. Seminole's point attempt was on target, and the Indians went out in front 13-12.

The Pirates made every attempt to drive down field with the time ticking away, but this year the Seminole County Indians would hold the bragging rights for a year.

As usual, the game couldn't have been better except that the Pirates had made their extra points. The offense and the defense for each of these teams were about as good as it gets. If you missed this game, you might have missed one of the best played games of the year.

This was the first defeat of the season for the Miller County Pirates. They have played like a team, and it has paid.

One win or loss does not make a season. See you at Pirates Stadium Friday night as they take on Randolph County for M.C.H.S. Senior Night at 8:00 p.m.

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