2008-10-22 / Community

Joyce's Jog makes memories

Dear Steffey,

Do you think back in your life, and remember special moments? Times when, for some reason, that memory was made and sketched in your mind forever? One of those moments was made for my family at Joyce's Jog. Was it the recognizing and singing of "Happy Birthday," certainly! But it was more. It was the atmosphere of the race and the fellowship of those who were there to celebrate a memory and life itself. God gave you a perfect fall morning, a beautiful course and a flawless awards' ceremony.

Runners enjoyed the fast course, the perfect conditions and the setting for the post race activities. It was perfect in every sense of the word. We all came together because we love to run, and each and every one of us has been affected by breast cancer and other cancer. The theme of your race brought that awareness to the forefront of our minds and hearts during our run. We ran with the memories of our loved ones and our friends who have confronted cancer. And afterwards, we relished in our accomplishments and shared our run with friends and strangers alike.

Could Joyce have imagined in her wildest dreams that people would come from far and near in her honor and memory to give their best in their running endeavors? Could she have envisioned a multitude of friends and strangers coming together in fellowship to raise awareness and celebrate the life of cancer survivors in her name? Could she know that her legacy in life would not only be her family, but also the start of a run that would bring together people of different walks of life for a common theme - "we will not let cancer win this race"? Probably not. But she was there to see it.

The tension of pre-race jitters and last minute glitches, the silence of the wait for the first runners to appear, the celebration of exhaustion and accomplishment, the laughter and smiles of moments shared, the recognition of awards.....she was there. And when it was all over, and the crowd was gone; you shared the moment with friends and family and knew it was worthy of her memory!

And now you know that you have made a memory for one family. Now think about the other 88 families, and imagine, what an incredible impact your race, Joyce's Jog, has had in that very short period of time - and you will realize what a gift you have given in memory of your loved one. God Bless you!

Cathy Carmichael Jones

Editor's note: This letter was written to Steffey Vines, chairman of Joyce's Jog, by a family that ran in the race.

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