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News Around Us

Bainbridge - The clerk at the Inland on West Shotwell Street was murdered during an attempted robbery at about 10 p.m. Wednesday night.

Datta Atul Dave of Indian heritage was killed with one shot to the chest as her husband and a witness looked on. The gunman entered the store, pointed his gun with his outstretched arm towards her and demanded money.

When Datta froze and was not able to respond to his demand, the lone gunman apparently panicked. Bobby Burke was in the store and stated she was "so scared she couldn't give him the money." He stated the gunman shot her in the chest and fled from the store. She was pronounced dead very soon after her arrival at the hospital.

In the Diner next door, Joe stated that he saw an SUV pull out with a man in a mask. Natauna Bostick told us she has worked next door to Datta for years and affectionately called her "Mommy." "She was a very sweet lady," she stated.

Public Safety Chief Investigator Frank Green stated the investigation will concentrate on every lead. The silver SUV that pulled away will be only one such lead. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was called for assistance and Agent Mike Walsingham and the GBI forensic team responded to the crime scene.

The murderer was a black male wearing a hood over his head with the eyes cut out, short pants, black shoes with white socks. He is between 5'10' and 6' with a slender build.

Blountstown - A Blountstown man has filed a class action lawsuit against a computer game company this week.

Brandon Gardner is suing Electronic Arts, the company that produces the game "Mass Effect." In the complaint, he alleges that, when the game is installed, a second, undisclosed program known as SecuROM is also downloaded on your computer.

"Consumers are given no control, rights, or options over SecuROM," Gardner states in his complaint. "The program cannot be completely un-installed. Once installed, it becomes a permanent part of the consumer's software portfolio."

Gardner alleges the California based game company violated the consumer legal remedies act, the copyright act, and the unfair competition law as well as interfered with use of his property.

Due to potential numbers of class members in the suit, the claim is estimated to exceed $5,000,000.

Cairo - All for the thrill of watching something burn is the likely reason a local teenager set fire to a concession stand at Cairo High School last week. That's what Cairo Fire Chief Don Townes said after a 15-year-old was charged with arson.

The Cairo High School student was questioned Tuesday and charged that same day with one count of arson before being detained at Regional Youth Detention Center in Thomasville.

Towne said the young man was riding his bicycle at 10:30 p.m. Monday, October 6, when he saw the wooden structure, realized no one was around, and decided to set it on fire.

The juvenile, whose name is not released due to his age, will remain in custody until a juvenile hearing later this week, according to officers.

Donalsonville - Marcus T. Scott, 30-year-old black male, stole a black Nissan Altima from the residence of Fred Harris in the Hagan Still area, west of Iron City. Just after four o'clock Thursday, October 9, Scott took the Nissan and traveled east on Highway 84 into Decatur County.

Chief Deputy Melvin Henry and Deputy Todd Kirkland responded to the call. Kirkland traveled into Decatur County looking for the vehicle. Henry turned around at the county line, met the vehicle at Ash Crossing and later observed Scott crossing the Brinson bridge.

Henry activated his blue lights and sirens, but Scott refused to stop. Scott then turned right on Old Bainbridge Road, then right on Wayne Hurst Road, then west on Brinson Airbase Road. He then pulled left into the ditch, jumped out of the car and ran through the tree line. He was apprehended by Deputy Kirkland.

Scott was arrested and charged with armed robbery, aggressive driving, aggravated assault/battery with a gun, and aggravated assault/battery, other weapon.

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