2008-10-15 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Politic, birthdays, dogs, and baseball
by Terry Toole

Well, some of you are going to be disappointed. This column isn't going to be just about politics this week, except-

After we had gotten out the newspaper last week on Tuesday evening, which wears this "ye scribe" out, I went home early. I wanted to see the great debate between McCain and Obama. I watched the pre-show, switching between the networks. I really would have liked to have heard the boys, but it was over when I and my first wife awakened to the rants and raves of the network jockeys. I never did find out who won. One network said McCain won hands down. The majority of the secular progressive, terrorist, anarchist, left-leaning, liberal, socialist, communist, atheist, Democrat, Muslim, un-American, Hollywood network anchors leaned toward Sen. Barack Hussien Obama. I guess him being a lawyer and all his 20 "odd" years under the wrong Rev. Wright he should be able to speak eloquently to the national liberal press jockeys.

All Sen. John McCain did was serve his country in wartime and in peace as a pilot, a prisoner of war and over 20 years as a U.S. senator.

I listened to some of the reruns of the great debate and fell back off to sleep.

Let me digress one day. Now Mondays are almost as stressful mentally as Tuesdays are hard labor.

Monday evening, my friend, W. C. Calhoun called me to tell me he was on the way from Florida with me a dog. Now I am a dog lover. I even like cats and most kinds of animals. W.C. and I go back a long way as friends, hunting and fishing buddies and dog trainers in our younger days. There are several more stories.

I have been out of the dog business since our last one lapped up some anti-freeze and went to dog heaven. I've been looking as well as our local vet. He can see dollars when I own a dog.

Anyway, W.C. said, "I've got you a Weimaraner. He is 11 months old and a goodlooking dog. He has even started pointing and retrieving. I got him from my sister's son-in-law. They have small children, and Bleu is just too big and strong for them."

W.C. said he thought of me when he said he was going to have to give the dog away. I had already had two Weimaraners in the past, and they were great hunting dogs and good companions. I guess companionship will have to be enough since it seems my hunting days are almost over with this newspaper taking up most of my fishing time and all of my hunting time.

Without first consulting my first wife, I told W.C. to bring Bleu on. He said if I couldn't take him, he would. The price was right.

I'm not sure if I told my first wife about our new edition before W. C. walked into the Liberal with him. Anyway, she saw him when he came in and said, "He's not going to stay in my house."

I didn't push my luck, so I went and bought a collar and some dog food and Bleu stayed with me at the Liberal until I finished around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. I was cleaning leaves out of the dog kennel at 1:00 a.m. for our new addition to make his bed.

The next morning, Wanda, who is a faithful co-worker and does much above her job description, kept telling Bleu to "sit." Max said that it must have been a misunderstanding. Other than just one or two accidents in the Liberal, Bleu has fit in well.

I wish I had Bleu sooner. He has stopped several people dead in their tracks that came toward me.

I feel a little guilty. Bleu has taken to me right well, but before I knew he was moving in, we had planned to go to Canton to see Donna and Mason. It was Donna's birthday, and Mason has become a star baseball player. He went to bat three times last week, hit three home runs and batted in nine runners. I need to see my grandson before the Braves or Yankees sign him up.

I had to write this one a week in advance in order to leave. Bleu won't like me being gone, but Tammy and Kent said she would feed and water him while I'm gone. They are good children. She doesn't like dogs.

More next week about the trip, the ball game, Bleu or maybe even a bit of politics.

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