2008-10-15 / Health

Nursing Home News

by Suzanne Griffin

Once again the residents had a fun-filled week of activities at the nursing home.

We started our week off with Sunday School on Sunday morning with Mr. Charles, and members from Macedonia Free Will Baptist Church were with us that afternoon.

Monday morning Ms. Mae Adkins was with us for Bible Study. Monday afternoon the residents enjoyed turning paint sticks into jack-o'-lanterns. We then took the jack-o'-lanterns and made a Halloween pot that sits on the piano for everyone to enjoy. Monday evening Mt. Zion Fellowship came to share with us.

Tuesday morning we played bingo, and we had a time of reminiscing that afternoon.

Members from Colquitt First Baptist came for church on Wednesday morning, and the firemen came Wednesday afternoon. The Colquitt Fire Department came to share about fire safety with the residents. They also brought the fire truck for us to see. No matter how old we get there is something about seeing and hearing the fire truck. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has a part in our fire department; you always do a great job.

Thursday morning we had another round of bingo, along with Wheel of Fortune that afternoon. Friday morning we enjoyed having Miss Gayle Grimsley singing for us.

There is nothing like a little competition, and that is just what we had on Friday afternoon as the residents were seeing who could win at bean bag toss.

We always enjoy having "The Blessed" singing for us as well as having our family and friends visiting with us on Saturday.

Activities for upcoming week:

October 15: 10:30 Church, 2:30 Birthday Party (Colquitt United Methodist Church)

October 16: 10:30 Bingo, 2:30 Sensory Stem, 7:00 Singing

October 17: 10:30 Singing (Head Start Children), 2:30 Decorate Pumpkins

October 18: Family Day

October 19: 10:00 Sunday School, 4:00 Mother's Home

October 20: 10:30 Bible Study, 2:30 Apple Bread, 7:00 Mt. Zion Fellowship

October 21: 10:30 Bingo, 2:30 Bowling

People who Visited:

Iva Mae Bailey visited Mr. and Mrs. Whitaker.

Brittany Hoskins, Hannah and Brandon Jones visited Myrtle Davis.

Sammy Gardner visited Pauline Gardner.

Russ and Georgia Ayers visited Pauline Gardner.

Iva Bailey and Irene Walden visited Mr. and Mrs. Whitaker.

Lloyd and Betty Mears visited Mr. and Mrs. Whitaker.

Ray and Juanita Mears visited Mr. and Mrs. Whitaker.

Mary Burke visited Lazelle Smith.

Thanks everyone who has taken time to come and visit with our residents. You will never know how much it means to each of them; we invite each of you to take time to come and visit. I would like to say a special thanks to the high school Beta Club members who visited last week.

Just a reminder our annual bake sale will be Friday, October 24. Make plans to come and buy some homemade goodies.

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