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Colquitt man arrested in Bainbridge

Road check yields drug charges

Suspect overturns vehicle fleeing from officers. Suspect overturns vehicle fleeing from officers. According to a recent drug arrest, several ounces of cocaine and a bag of marijuana were seized after Cedric Miller of Colquitt attempted to get away from a road check Friday afternoon in Bainbridge, according to BainbridgeGa.com .

Bainbridge Public Safety officers had a routine road check set up on Bethel Road, just west of Highway 27 north. Cedric Miller turned onto Bethel from Highway 27, spotted the road check and slammed on his brakes. Miller hit the accelerator in reverse, backed up, and did a 180 degree spin to get away. But this was not to be Cedric's lucky day.

Police officers Chief Larry Funderburke, Investigators Alton Brock and Mark Esquivel had turned onto Bethel behind Cedric as they were heading to the road block. When Miller began backing up, Investigators Brock and Esquivel jumped out and signalled him to stop. Miller did not stop.

The suspect, Cedric Miller, sped past the two investigators, very close to hitting them, and turned south on Highway 27. They jumped back in their vehicle and took off after him. Miller attempted to turn into a driveway, but missed the driveway. His vehicle traveled through a shallow ditch and coming out the other side, the vehicle crashed onto its side. Chief Funderburke stated that as they were approaching Cedric crawled out of the top window and fled into the wooded area, holding up his pants as he ran.

Bainbridge Public Safety and Decatur County deputies surrounded the area and within about 30 minutes took Miller into custody.

The suspect told officers that he did not stop because his driver's license were suspended.

It is not unusual for a driver to flee a traffic stop when they have drugs in their possession. They run in order to throw them away before being apprehended. Finding nothing in Miller's possession, officers and deputies searched the wooded area for any drugs he may have disposed.

Chief Investigator Frank Green had the vehicle flipped upright and found powder cocaine and marijuana still sitting in the center console.

The drugs were seized, and trafficking cocaine was added to Cedric Miller's charges. He is a 28-year-old black male from Colquitt.

The total number of charges are still pending.

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