2008-10-15 / Community

Colquitt Garden Club meets

India Taylor gives program on floral design India Taylor gives program on floral design The Colquitt Garden Club met Tuesday at the Chamber of Commerce with 21 members present. The Collect was read by the group after which Jan Grimsley read the minutes of the September meeting.

After the resignation of Jan Rentz as secretary, the position was accepted by Linda Atterson. President Iva Tabb announced that the Yard of the Month was awarded to Winston and Rose Cobb for their beautifully designed yard.

The program on floral design was given by India Taylor. She, in her gifted fashion, created several designs using quantities of material from her own yard, plus others. While lecturing, she created a mass design, a Thanksgiving cornucopia using various vegetables and various live green plants. She demonstrated the use of mechanics in creating floral designs, how to use floral wire, how to make velvet bows, and floral picks. She also gave secrets about how to make flower designs last longer. Laura Bryan took photographs of the designs. India concluded her lecture by reading a selection from Irma Bobmeck.

Iva Tabb appointed a committee to judge Christmas decorations in businesses and homes.

Hostesses Laura Bryan and Joan Kirkland served delicious refreshments.

Members will be notified as to where the November meeting will be held.

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