2008-08-27 / Public Safety

Public Safety Report

August 18 799G Alarm, Hwy. 91 S. •Escort, Miller County to Baker County Line •Served 2 Civil Papers, Hwy. 27 S. •Served Civil Paper, Main St. •Served Civil Paper, Cuthbert St. •Assist EMS, Henry Miller Rd. •911 Hang-up, Avenue Rd. •Serve Subpoena, Phillips St.

799R Grand Jury, Courthouse •Take Report, Sheriff's Office •Speak with Subject, Johnny Freeman Rd.

800D Public Drunk •Property Check •Arrest x2 •Loud Music •Stand by for Opening •Security Check x3

August 19 799G Serve 2 Civil Papers, Union Church Rd. •Serve Civil Paper, Avenue Rd. •Put Out Funeral Signs, Babcock Rd. •Pick-up Paper Work, Courthouse •Speak with Subject, Kelly Rd. •Serve Civil Paper, Grassy Flats Rd.

799R Drop Off Paperwork, Courthouse •Horses in Roadway, Enterprise Rd.

800D Traffic Stops x2 •Security Check x3

August 20 800F Suspicious Person, Hwy. 27 South •Suspicious Person, Crawford and College St. •Fight, 2nd St.

800S Traffic Stop, Crawford St. •Traffic Stop, Phillipsburg Rd. •Disturbance, N. 2nd St.

August 21 800F Bus Detail •Suspicious Vehicle, Crawford St.•Accident •Suspicious Person, Crawford St.

August 22 799G Served Papers, Sheriff's Office •Served Subpoena, Hwy. 27 S. •Served 8 Subpoenas •Tree Down, Rock Rd. •Tree Down, N. Early County Line Rd. •Tree Down, Hwy. 45 S.

799R Assist Police Department with Accident, Crawford St. •Tree Across Road, Kelly Rd. •Tree Across Road, Roberts Lane •Tree Across Road, Grassy Flats Rd. •Traffic Stop, Grow St. •Suspicious Vehicle, Millerville Rd. •Tree Across Road, Womble Rd. •Tree Across Road, Hwy. 45 S. •Tree Across Road, Grimsley Bridge Rd. •Report of Line Down, Rock Rd. •Remove Debris from Road, Clay Brown Rd.

800D A •Disturbance, Milford St. •Stand by with Down Powerline •General Assistance with Weather Conditions •Security Check x3

August 23 800D Assistance with Weather Conditions •Hit and Run •Disturbance, Milford St. •Security Check x3

800F Tree Down on Road, 45 N. •Hit and Run

August 24 800D Sexual Harassment •Traffic Stop •Security Check x4
911 Calls:
08-12 Accident, 45 S.
08-12 Accident, 91 S.
08-12 Unwanted Person, N.
2nd St.
08-12 Harassing Phone
Calls, Cell Phone
08-14 Medical, Grace St.
08-14 Disabled Vehicle in
Rd., Cell Phone
08-17 Unlock Residence,

Grow St.
08-17 Fight, N. Milford St.
08-17 Stolen Cell x2, Wilkin
08-17 Hang up, Cell x2
08-17 Vehicle Fire, Helms
08-18 Unwanted Person,
Moore St.
08-18 Henry Miller Rd.,
08-18 Medical, Wallace
08-18 Speeding Auto, 27
08-18 Disabled Vehicle,
08-22 Phone Trouble, 3
Notch Rd.
08-22 Suspicious Vehicle,
Millerville Rd.
08-22 Hang-up, Babcock
08-22 Hang-up, Donley
08-22 Lines Down, Grace
08-22 Hang-up, Main St.
08-22 Assist Motorist, Milford

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