2008-08-27 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Wish you were there-
by Terry Toole

Hope you have missed us. We've been gone since Saturday, August 16. To fly to Salt Lake City, we drove to Tallahassee, FL, for a short flight to naturally Atlanta. Then on from Atlanta to Salt Lake City, Utah, for the 2008 Melaleuca International Convention.

Betty Jo, my first wife, asked me along to drive. Now I understand why.

I'll have to admit, I was not overjoyed to leave Colquitt and Miller County for nine days. Other than my college years, that's the second longest time I've been away from home. We took off several years ago for our belated honeymoon to the islands of Hawaii for two weeks. I'm not back home, but I already know that the honeymoon trip was the most enjoyable.

If you read about my life, you already know that if it were left to me, I wouldn't leave home. On the other hand, first wife wouldn't stay home if it were left to her. She would go to Hell if she knew she could get back. She does like to travel, anywhere. I usually enjoy a few days off if she can talk me, or fool me, into going.

This trip was planned almost a year ago. I was reminded that I was going a few weeks ago,

There are only a few of us who get your Miller County Liberal out each week. First wife and ye scribe are two of the few. With us gone, it puts a strain on Uva, Wanda and Max. Our daughter, Tammy and Sue said they would help while we were gone. The catch, Wendi, Wanda's daughter was almost two weeks late having her baby. On Tuesday, August 19, Emma Grace Donley, has been added to the Liberal family. Now normally, someone having a baby wouldn't affect the Liberal team. In this case, Wanda, now known as "Bubbles," thought she had to be with the doctor when Emma Grace was born. As it turned out, they got out last week's edition in record time, even without us. It was in the post office early, and Wanda was there to help her first granddaughter into the world. Congratulations, Wendi and Brian!

Back to our trip to Salt Lake City, we got to our home away from home Saturday at Snowbird Lodge, a 11,000 feet plus high mountain lodge just a few minutes out of Salt Lake City. We did some mountain riding on snow lifts and walking the mountains.

We rented a car to get around while there. The main reason I agreed to go was that is where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings each Sunday. We went to hear them, and they just keep getting better. I know the Methodists don't agree with the Mormons, but neither do the Methodists agree with the Baptist or Catholic or Jewish religion. I know that doesn't make God happy with us.

We went to not so nearby Melaleuca headquarters and distribution center in Idaho Falls, ID. You might wonder who or what Melaleuca is. You will have to ask Betty Jo about that. I'll just say it is a $850,000,000.00 a year wellness company who does it right. It has a large group of some of the nicest people you will want to meet. Their products are good, all of them.

At the convention, they give a lot of recognition to those who work with the company and about the new products offered. Besides that, they have some of the best entertainment and speakers that you would ever want to hear or see. Just to name a few, we've seen Mosaic, the #1

a cappella group of six men that produce sounds of an entire band. We saw David and Dania of the TV show, "America's Got Talent." They perform and change costumes before your eyes; that is amazing. For those who have never seen or heard of Patrick Henry Hughes, you will. He was born without eyes or the ability to straighten his arms or legs. He has become a virtuoso pianist, vocalist and trumpet player. With his father's help, he is a member of the University of Louisville marching band. He is great and will be even more famous.

We heard one of the world's best inspirational speakers, Mike Zundel. He truly is one of the best. Glenn Beck, a syndicated radio personality and CNN TV headline news person, was most entertaining. We saw Anthony Gargiula, 8, who has a voice and personality of the best seasoned entertainer. It was good to see Tammy van Wisse, world record holder for men and women marathon swimmer with her new baby. She credits Melaleuca products with helping her win as well as some of the medal winners at this year's Olympics.

I guess you could say, I enjoyed myself in spite of myself. It's good to be back home.

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