2008-08-27 / Health

Nursing Home News

by Suzanne Griffin

Residents at the nursing home enjoyed a week full of activities starting with Sunday School on Sunday morning and South Mt. Zion Church with them on Sunday afternoon.

On Monday we had a time of sharing with one another, and we had the Rhythm Band and singing that afternoon.

Tuesday morning we played Bingo, and we had Ladies Club that afternoon as we painted fingernails in preparation for our birthday party on Wednesday. Colquitt First Baptist Church was with us on Wednesday morning for church and again on Wednesday afternoon to host the August Birthday Party.

Thursday morning was another day for Bingo. Residents really had a good time on Thursday night as we had our monthly sing. This is such a good time not only for our residents but for all who come to be with us.

We had our first Price Is Right on Friday afternoon. This was such fun just seeing the anticipation in each of their eyes wondering if their name was going to be the next one we called. Prizes were donated by some of our volunteers, staff and some businesses in town. To each of you that gave, you will never believe how happy each of the winners was. Thank you for being willing to give.

Saturday we had our families visiting and Scott Messer that afternoon.

Again thank each of you who have given in some way to our residents. We are planning another Price is Right, so if you would like to make a donation to this please give me a call at 758-4235.

People who visited:

Sharon and Scotty Kolbuss visited Pauline Gardner.

Sandra Shepard visited Lonnie Stromer.

Sammy Gardner visited Pauline Gardner.

Joy Kolbuss visited Pauline Gardner.

Russ and Georgia Ayers visited Pauline Gardner.

Mary Burke visited Lazelle Smith.

Sue Butler visited Grace Roberts.

Linda Widner visited Grace Roberts.

Sammy Gardner visited Pauline Gardner.

Brenda Pearson visited Joean Chrispen.

Activities for the week:

August 27: 10:30 Church, 2:30 Bowling

August 28: 10:30 Bingo, 2:30 Resident Council

August 29: 10:30 Church (Colquitt UMC), 2:30 Paddle Ball

August 30: FAMILY DAY

August 31: 10:00 Sunday School, 4:00 Cook's Union

September 1: Observing Labor Day

September 2: 10:30 Bingo, 2:30 Movie Day

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