2008-08-20 / Community

Haywood named head of Republic Conduit

Bo Haywood Bo Haywood Jimmy "Bo" Haywood of Colquitt has recently been promoted to Plant Manger of Republic Conduit at their Cedar Springs plant.

Randy Shoff, Managing Director of Republic Conduit stated that Bo has been a part of Republic Conduit since 1972 and has been a key leader in the success of the Electro-Galvanizing line.

Mr. Shoff said "it is our expectation that Bo will continue this leadership throughout the Cedar Spring Plant."

It was also announced that Mr. Shoff will be leaving Republic Conduit due to personal reasons and LeMoye Smith will be the new Managing Director of Republic Conduit. LeMoye has been an instrumental part of Republic Conduit since 1966 and will be relocating to the Louisville, Kentucky plant.

Republic Conduit has been in operation since 1929 when Electrical Conduit was introduced in Brooklyn, New York. However, the Cedar Springs plant is arguably the best overall performing conduit tube plant in the United States and is fully dedicated to producing small diameter EMT and IMC using an Electro-Galvanizing process.

Bo is married to Kim Kelley Haywood of Colquitt. He has just recently been elected to serve the next four years as County Commissioner for District Five in Miller County.

Congratulations on your accomplishments Bo.

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