2008-08-13 / Public Safety

Public Safety Report

August 01
800F Accident x2 •Busy, Sheriff's
Office •Stolen Property,
Cuthbert St. •Reported Road
Hazard, 91 and 27
800S Speak with Subject, Police
Department •Speak with
Subject and Juvenile, Crawford
St. •Damage to Property,
N. 1st St.
August 02
800F Snake in Residence, 1st
St. •Disturbance Call •Loud
Music Complaint, Milford St.
800S Damage to Property
•Funeral Escort, N. 4th St. and
45 S.
August 03
800S Damage to Property, E.
Dancer St. •Speak with Subject,
N. 4th St.
August 04
799G Escort x2 •Cruelty to
Animal, Main St. and Hwy.
27 S. •Mental Subject, Griffin
Sheffield Rd. •Served 2 Subpoenas
•Served Civil Paper,
Hwy. 45 N.
799R Speak with Subject, Old
Donalsonville Rd. •Snake,
Hornsby Rd. •Courthouse
Security, Courthouse •Suicidal
Threats, Griffin Sheffield
Rd. •Put out Funeral Signs,
Womble Rd.
800D Disturbance, 4th St.
•Building Check •Security
Check x3
800S Unwanted Person, Bush
St. •Escort, Crawford St.
August 05
799G Served 3 Subpoenas
•Served Civil Paper, Old Airport
Rd. •Served Warrant x2
•Served Civil Paper, Thompson
Town Rd. •Loud Music,
Jeterville Rd.
799R Traffic Stop, Hwy. 91
N. •Poll Detail, Pine St. •Poll
Detail, Courthouse
August 06
800F Assist Motorist, 27 N.

•Accident, Square •Out with
Subject, Cuthbert St. •Report
of Line Down, Thompson
Town and Bellview
800S Disturbance •Accident,
August 07
800F Accident, 45 and 91
•Structure Fire, Dancer St.
800S Speak with Subject,
Police Department •Traffic
Stop, Hwy. 27 S. •Traffic Stop,
Crawford St. •Speak with
Subject, Emergency Room
•Assist 800F with Accident,
Hwy. 45 S.
August 08
799R Fire, Hwy. 91 S. •High
Speed Chase, Cobb Rd. •Manhunt
•Possible Drug Activity,
Main St.
799G Served Civil Paper, Babcock
Rd. •Speak with Subject
via Phone x2 •Serve Trespass
Warning, Twilight Church Rd.
•Serve Civil Paper, Milford
St. •Serve Civil Paper, Griffin
Sheffield Rd. •Serve Civil
Paper, Old Airport Rd. •Fire,
Hwy. 91 S. •Chase in Progress,
Three Notch Rd. •Speak with
Subject, Kyles Dr.
August 09
799G Escort, Grow St. •Unlock
Vehicle, Griffin Sheffield
Rd. •Assist EMS, Donley Rd.
•Suspicious Vehicle, Cox Rd.
•Alarm, Babcock Lake Rd.
•Domestic, Whites Bridge
799R Funeral Escort, Cooktown
Rd. •Stabbing, Donley
Rd. •Assist Motorist, Hwy. 27
S. •Domestic, Draper Jones
August 10
799G Fight, Whites Bridge Rd.
•Served 2 Civil Papers •Speak
with Subject, Draper Jones Rd.
•Escort, Grow St.
799R Fight, Whites Bridge
Rd. •Unlock Vehicle, Hwy.

45 N. •Funeral Escort, Hwy.
27 N. •Disturbance, Draper
Jones Rd. •Theft, Hwy. 27 S.
•Accident, Hwy. 27 N.
911 Calls:
08-07 Accident, 91 S. and 45
08-07 Hang-up Call, Helmes
08-07 Hang-up, N. Cuthbert
08-08 Medical, Griffin Sheffield
08-08 Misdial, Washington
08-10 Domestic, Whites
Bridge Rd.
08-10 Stolen Vehicle, 27 S.
08-10 Medical, Main St.

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