2008-08-13 / Front Page

It could have been much worse

by Terry Toole

The Colquitt/Miller County Volunteer Fire Department, sheriff officers and Miller County Ambulance Service were dispatched by Miller County E911 to a potential disaster Friday afternoon, August 8, at 4:46 p.m.

Firemen extinguish flames on propane gas truck. Firemen extinguish flames on propane gas truck. The call came that a propane truck was on fire at Emerald Lake RV Park on SR 91 south of Colquitt.

The Citizens Propane truck seemingly caught fire under the hood of the truck.

The volunteer firemen kept the large propane tank sprayed with water to keep it cool while other volunteer firemen extinguished the blazing flames under the engine of the vehicle.

Officials at the scene stated that with a large group of campers and RVs in the park, the fire could have been a real disaster if the firemen hadn't extinguished the flames as fast as they did.

One observer noted, "It was a dangerous time for a few minutes. Anyone around the area knew that if that large propane tank exploded, there wouldn't be too much left in that area. I can't believe how those volunteer firemen went right into the fire and had it extinguished in short order. They are to be commended."

A number of the people staying in the park went to the firemen and thanked them for their bravery and for knowing what to do when they arrived.

The fire under the hood of the propane gas truck was thought to be caused by faulty wiring.

No one was injured in the event due to the fast, efficient work of all departments who went to help. Much property and many lives were saved because of those who did go help.

There are always people who question some of the actions of law officers, medical personnel and firemen on why so many officers, fire and rescue units and ambulances go to a call like this.

Since this old fireman/coroner/ reporter has been going to fires, wrecks and other disasters about as long as anyone around, I answer this question like this: "I am sure if you will go by the police, sheriff's office, EMS ambulance service, fire department and especially the E911 office, and tell them to just send one officer to see what is needed, they will. Then if the fire and rescue, the ambulance crew or other officers are needed, they will send them the five or ten miles to help."

I have never heard anyone fuss about all the help that arrived to prevent even more damage, or even deaths. Those who are trapped in an overturned or smoking vehicle have never complained about too many rescue workers there helping them get out.

It's those who don't do anything or seem to care about those who are in need that seem to fuss about those who do.

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