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Close race for Clerk of Court won by Johnson

by MCL staff writer

Gail Johnson to be new Clerk of Court Gail Johnson to be new Clerk of Court The Miller County Democratic General Primary Runoff held Tuesday, August 5, was close between the two local runoff candidates.

Gail Johnson and Jennifer Moore were the two top vote getters in the July 15, 2008, General Primary in a fivecandidate race for Clerk of Court.

Long time Clerk of Court Annie Laura Middleton did not offer for re-election but gave her support to Gail Johnson, a worker in the office of Clerk of Court.

The August 5, Democratic Runoff Primary unofficial results were as follows:

U.S. Senate
Vernon Jones 225
Jim Martin 566
Clerk of Superior Court
Gail Johnson 526
Jennifer Moore 486

Of a possible 3629 eligible voters, 1021 cast their ballots, or 28.13 percent voting in this runoff primary.

Since there were no local Republican candidates running in the General Primary, the local races are settled, and the winning candidates will be sworn into office on January 2, 2009.

The state offices that had both Democratic and Republican candidates will be on the November 4, 2008 General Election ballot. The local winners will also be on the November 4, General Election ballot to be officially elected. This will be a presidential election, too.

Gail Johnson stated, "I am grateful to have been elected as your new Clerk of Superior Court. I will continue to run the office in the way that Ms. Annie Laura has in the past. I realize this is a very important position that takes knowing all aspects of how this office functions. With my past experience already in the office, I feel confident that I can run the office in an efficient manner."

The newly elected clerk will take office on January 1, 2009.

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