2008-07-09 / Public Safety

Public Safety Report

Georgia State

Patrol Report State Trooper from the Donalsonville Post of the Georgia State Patrol investigated one traffic crash during the month of June in Miller County. Sergeant First Class Edwards said the traffic crash resulted in one injury and no traffic deaths. SFC Edwards said troopers from Post 14 also issued 36 traffic citations in the county during the month. The total includes zero arrests for driving under the influence, 26 citations for speeding, 3 seat belt violations, and two child restraint violations. Troopers also issued 28 warnings.

July 1 800F Cow Out, 45 N. •Alarm, Cuthbert St.

July 2 799G Dog Call, Three Notch Rd. •Unlock Vehicle, Hwy. 45 N. •Unlock Vehicle, Hwy. 91 S. •Pick Up Signs, Three Notch Rd.

799R Funeral Escort, Hwy. 91 N. •Unlock Vehicle, Newberry Chambers •Juvenile Court, Courthouse •Assist Georgia State Patrol, Hwy. 91 S.

800C Domestic, Reed St. •Domestic Milford St. •Fight, Milford St.

800D Assist on Traffic Stop •Transport Juveniles, Sheriff's Office •Traffic Stop x2 •Burglary x3, Bremond St.

July 3 799G Alarm, Smokey Alley Rd. •Alarm, Brinson Rd. •Alarm, Twilight Church Rd. •Fire, Mayhaw Rd. •Speak with Subject, Via Phone •Assist 799R, Martin Lane •Suspicious Person, Hwy. 45 S. •Escort, Willis Cook Rd.

799R Transport Prisoner, Seminole County •Tree Across Road, Hwy. 27 N. •Fire, Mayhaw Rd. •Property Damage, Martin Lane •Foot Patrol, Spring Creek Park 800C Park Detail 800D Fireworks Show •Accidents x2 •Traffic Stop x2 •Alarm, Grow St.

800H Unlock Vehicle x2 •Park Detail •Traffic Stop

July 4 800K Traffic Stop x4 •Fireworks Disturbance, Pine St. •Inland Stand by for Clothing •Stranded Motorist, Crawford St.

July 5 800D Traffic Stops x3 •Disturbance x2, Milford St. •Disturbance •Suspicious Person •Standby for Closing
911 Calls:
06-30 General Sickness, N.
First St.
07-01 Accident, Bellview
07-02 Unlock Vehicle, Hwy.
45 N.
07-02 Unlock Vehicle
07-02 Littering, N. Milford St.
07-03 Fire, Mayhaw Rd.
07-03 Accident, Crawford St.
07-03 Accident, N. First St.
07-04 Child on Phone, Donley
07-05 Plane Crash, Cooktown
07-05 Medical, 91 N.
07-05 Accident, Helms Rd.
07-05 Accident, Drew Floyd
07-05 Medical, Womble Rd.
07-06 Medical, Grow St.
07-06 Tree on Railroad

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