2008-07-09 / Public Safety

Law Enforcement Reports

Vehicle Accident

On July 5, based on witness statements, Billy W. Owens was turning left as John Halliburton was passing, causing damage to both vehicles.

On July 5, Brenda S. Cowart stated that while traveling west on Whites Bridge Road a deer ran out in front of her causing damage to the right front side of her car.

On June 28, Andrico Shamray Holmes was traveling on Twilight Church Road. A herd of deer entered into the path of Holmes' vehicle, and the collision could not be avoided. The deer struck the vehicle on the left driver's head lamp area.

On July 3, Billy Gray Roland Jr. was traveling north onto First Street behind Olivia Worthy when Worthy stopped due to traffic. Roland struck Worthy with the front bumper, coming in contact with the rear bumper of Worthy's vehicle. Slight damage was done to both vehicles. No visible or report of injuries was made on scene.

On July 6, Officer Lonnie Wade was dispatched to the intersection of Hunter and College Street in reference to damage to property. Upon arrival, Officer Wade spoke to

Lindsey Grant Jr. who stated that the city stop sign had been struck to the ground. Officer Wade's investigation determined that the stop sign had been struck by an unknown semi-truck hauling a trailer and trying to make a sharp right turn onto College Street. Grant stated the value of the sign is approximately $100 dollars. Statements were taken, and the case is still ongoing.

On July 6, Officer Lonnie Wade was dispatched to the intersection of Hunter and College Street in reference to damage to property. Upon arrival, Officer Wade spoke to

G.C. Jinks who stated that his water faucet that was against the Georgia Power light pole located at the intersection of Hunter and College Street had been damaged. While investigating, Officer Wade determined that the water faucet had been struck by an unknown semi-truck, hauling a trailer while attempting to make a sharp right turn onto College Street from Hunter Street. Jinks stated the value is approximately $100 to repair it. Statements were taken, and the case is still ongoing.


On July 3, Officer Scott Cleveland was dispatched to Bremond Street in reference to a subject that had broken into the residence while the owners were not home. Upon arrival, Officer Cleveland spoke with resident Rebecca R. Davis who stated that she went to the door and noticed that it was unlocked. She then looked inside and noticed that her exboyfriend was under the bed in her room. Davis then stated that's when she called 911. At this time Officer Cleveland entered the trailer through the front door and entered the east side bedroom where he made contact with the offender, Enoch Norris III. Norris was unconscious. Norris would not respond to Officer Cleveland. At this time Officer Cleveland grabbed Norris' left arm and pulled him from under the bed and placed him under arrest.

DUI - Alcohol

On July 2, Officer Hollis Smith responded to a call of a reckless driver on a white Pontiac Grand Prix. Officer Smith met the vehicle described to him on Hwy. 27 headed east. The vehicle hit the white line and weaved back over, then slowed down to a near stop, then speeded back up to the speed limit. Officer Smith made a traffic stop at this time. Kimberly Yvonne Parr provided both a license and insurance, along with a speeding ticket she had just received a couple of hours earlier. While talking with Parr, Officer Smith could smell a very strong odor of alcohol upon her person. Officer Smith asked her if she had been drinking, and she advised, no. Officer Smith administered an alco-sensor test with positive results and placed her under arrest for DUI. Parr was charged with DUI and open container.

On June 28, Officer Dan Stone was sent to the area of 91 North in reference to a possible drunk driver. Officer Stone saw a vehicle matching the description turn onto Phillips Street from 91 North. Officer Stone observed the vehicle swerve across the line on Phillips Street three times before the vehicle reached Pine Street. Officer Stone stopped the vehicle and made contact with the driver, Jose Luis Sanchez. Sanchez provided a license from Mexico. Officer Stone could smell a strong odor of alcohol about Sanchez's person. Officer Stone administered a road side alco-sensor test which revealed alcohol in Sanchez's system. Sanchez was placed under arrest for DUI. A search incident to arrest on the offender's vehicle revealed an open container of alcohol.

On June 28, while on patrol, Officer Cleveland spotted a black in color 2000 Kia Sportage headed north on Crawford Street with loud music coming from within the vehicle. The officer made a traffic stop. While pulling the vehicle over, the officer observed that the music was still being played loud enough for him to hear it inside his patrol car. At this time Officer Cleveland went to the driver's side door to speak with the driver, Johnny Jaye Jr. Officer Cleveland could smell the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage, coming from the offender's person. Officer Cleveland asked Jaye if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages. Jaye stated that he had around an hour before. After implied consent was read, Jaye was given a field test. Jaye was charged for DUI and loud music.


On June 29, Yvette Denise McCray called and advised that her nephew's bicycle was taken from her home on Washington Street. Her nephew said that he parked the bike behind the home last night but had not seen it since.

Public Drunk

On June 28, Officer Scott Cleveland was dispatched to the driveway of Spring Creek Park. Upon arrival, Officer Cleveland spoke with a very intoxicated subject, Jimmy Morgan Jr. Morgan advised that he had walked up to the Sheriff's Office in reference to being locked out of the house. While Officer Cleveland was speaking with the offender, he became very agitated and used foul language very loudly causing a disturbance. Officer Cleveland escorted the subject back to Reed Street. After arriving, Officer Cleveland spoke to two children who said that the offender was scaring them due to him being so intoxicated. When Officer Cleveland asked Morgan if he had somewhere he could stay for the night to not have an altercation. Morgan began the same behavior as he had earlier. At this time Officer Cleveland placed Morgan under arrest and transported him to the jail where he was booked. Obstructing Police Free Text

On June 27, John D. Newberry came to the Police Department and advised that a white male was very intoxicated and passed out on his front porch on Pine Street. Officer Hollis Smith found Raymond Edward Fisher lying on the front porch. Fisher was very intoxicated. Fisher's speech was slurred, and he could not stand without Officer Smith's assistance. Officer Smith advised Fisher that he was under arrest for public drunkenness and placed a handcuff on him. Fisher then tried to resist arrest by not letting Officer Smith put the other cuff on his wrist. Officer Smith advised Fisher that he would taser him if he did not follow his instructions. Officer Smith cuffed Fisher and placed him in the patrol car. Fisher was then transported to the Miller County Jail for booking.

At the jail, while the citation was explained to Fisher, he snatched the pen out of Officer Smith's hand and put a big X on the citation and threw the pen down while cursing at Officer Smith.

Fisher was then charged with disorderly conduct and refused to sign citation. Officer Smith and Jailer Musgrove went to put Fisher in the holding cell, and Fisher decided he did not want to go. They advised Fisher to do as they asked or they would have to place him in the cell. Fisher refused.

Officer Stone came inside about this time, so he grabbed one arm as Officer Smith grabbed the other, and they placed Fisher inside the cell.

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