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The choice is ours, maybe

by MCL staff writer

John McCain, Republican The choice John McCain, Republican The choice According to national, state and local news reports, the voting citizens of these United States of America now have at least two nominees from two major political parties to choose one in the July 15, General Election.

The Republican nominee for President of the Untied States has been selected for some time. It is John Mc- Cain, senator from Arizona.

Just recently the Democratic nominee has been settled. It is Barack Hussein Obama, senator from Illinois.

At this time, neither presidential nominee has chosen a vice presidential running mate.

The agendas of the presidential hopefuls will probably include name calling and getting their message out on what they say they will do for the people of these United States of America. The Iraq War and the state of the economy seem to be the big issues.

A major newspaper report on June 8 stated that Sen. McCain aims to stress experience over his foe's style. "I believe that the people are interested very much in substance," McCain said. "If it were simply style, William Jennings Bryan would have been president."

Barack Hussein Obama, Democrat ours, maybe Barack Hussein Obama, Democrat ours, maybe Senator Barack Hussein Obama of Illinois stated that he plans for change and will "offer some very concrete solution as to how we deal with both the short-term squeeze that working class Americans are under and how over the long term we right the economic ship."

The differences in the two candidates are like black and white, no pun intended.

•On Iraq, McCain is for staying and winning. Obama is for bringing all the troops home. •McCain is for temporarily suspending the federal gas tax. Obama is for keeping it at 18.5¢ per gallon.

•McCain is for permanently extending the tax cuts. Obama is against it.

• McCain is against the Roe vs. Wade on abortion. Obama is for legalized abortion.

•McCain will nominate Supreme Court judges who will interpret the Constitution strictly and narrowly. Obama will appoint more liberal judges.

•McCain feels that a national health care plan would break America. Obama is for the federal government to guarantee health coverage for all Americans.

Our choice for leadership will weaken or strengthen this country, this state or this county in the next four years.

Choose wisely!

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