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Arrests made in stolen property

Some of the stolen items recovered
On Thursday, May 8, 2008, Chief Investigator Ben Nix and Captain Shane Rathel recovered a number of farm equipment items that had been stolen earlier in Miller County. The items were recovered in Seminole County.

The person who had purchased the stolen equipment gave the name of the person who had sold the equipment to him to the investigators.

After following up on the leads, investigators discovered there were still more items that could be found at a Bainbridge residence that were stolen by another suspect.

While working on the recovery of the items and the arrest of the suspects, Investigator BJ Josey, Investigator Nix, and Captain Rathel received information on a burglary that had happened in Miller County on February 20, 2008.

The informant gave a name of a suspect involved and a location of the property and where it could be found in Decatur County.

Investigator Nix made contact with Chip Nix of the Decatur County Sheriff's Department and advised him of the stolen property. The items were recovered and were picked up by the Miller County Sheriff's Department for evidence.

Investigator Nix and Terry Phillips of the Decatur County Sheriff's Department interviewed the suspect and received more information on the person who was buying some of the stolen items. This case also has led to other theft cases in Decatur County being solved.

The investigation had led to the arrest and charges as follows: Shane Hoskins, felony theft by taking, six counts; Richard Davis, felony theft by taking, one count; Bobby Pearson Jr., felony theft by taking, 13 counts, possession of marijuana with intent, one count, burglary, one count; Bradley Phillips, theft by taking, one count, burglary, one count; Bruce Madge, theft by taking, eight counts, burglary, one count; William Johnson, theft by taking, four counts; John Comerford, theft by taking, one count, failure to keep records, one count.

In the burglary case on February 20, 2008, Quadir Powell was charged with burglary, one count; and Rebecca Brown, burglary, one count.

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