2008-05-14 / School & Sports

Seminole Ramlins

by Jack Wingate

What's on my mind now at the Top-O-The-List is that when you have lived 65 years, you should be able to fishin any state in the United States without a license. Further, if you are Native American, you should also be able to fishlike wise.

Now my second priority is the wind. Lord knows, it has blowed this week. 2 or 3 of them days it would blow your nose for you. Mother's Day was a very windy day. The ladies hair and hats were blowed about. Mothers are so sweet, no matter how they look.

Now the fishen, Bream and Shellcracker was very good all week. Many folks had limits of both kinds and some had limits of mixed stringers.

We have had some more input into the "Talapia" thing. A fisherman who does real well with them says he uses the very short Rapala, lite in color casting on 6 to 8 lb. line. It will run about 1 foot under water as you retrieve it. Same as a Beetle Spin. You use a Gold Blade in Bright Sunshine and Silver if cloudy. Then if you are still fishen with a pole, line and cork use Wigglers. He says be sure to rig up good cause the big Talapia will keep your cork under water for 15 minutes. They are a fighten fishand very good to eat.

Eddie Fronlon of Pensacola's Five Flags Bass Club Eddie Fronlon of Pensacola's Five Flags Bass Club With the Politic's heaten up now and one accuses the other on the Democrat side and the Republican trying to hold his self ready to ansure any question that mite come up. We now come to the "Quote of the Week". "Sometimes I wonder wether the world is being run by very smart people, who are putting us on or by embicils who really mean it." Mark Twain over 100 years ago.

The Pensacola Five Flags Bass Club fished out of Wingate's this weekend with Wayne Lassiter taking first, Tom Jorden taking second and Frank Dodge taking third. Good to have them. Rough day Sunday. Tough on man and boat.

Wingate's Fishing Report

Lake Surface Temp: 73°
Lake Level: Down 8 inches
Flint: Clearing
Chattahoochee: Clear and Fast
Spring Creek: Clear
Ronnie Bridges of Pensacola's Five Flags Bass Club Ronnie Bridges of Pensacola's Five Flags Bass Club

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