2008-05-14 / Public Safety

public safety report

May 05 800E Speeding •Woman Lying in Roadway •Dog Nuisance Call, Main and 3rd St. •Failure to Maintain •Cows out of Pen, Hwy. 45 N. •Speeding •Child Throwing Stuff at Window •Fight, 2nd and Dancer St.

May 06 800E Escort •Accident •Assist Sheriff's Officewith Funeral Escort •Unauthorized Bank Drafts •Assist with Funeral •Lude Acts, Police Department Parking Lot

800F Met Subject, Police Department •Dog Bite, Emergency Room •Met Subject, Sheriff's Office•Escort

May 07 799G Served Civil Paper •Assist Police Department with Accident, Crawford St. •Suspicious Vehicle, Hwy. 91 S. •Theft by Taking, Old Damascus Rd.

800D Unwanted Guest, E. Main St. •Theft by Taking, E. Bush St.

May 08 800B Possession of Marijuana 800F Suspicious Vehicle, College and Milford St. •Disturbance Call •Suspicious Vehicle, Crawford St.

May 09 799O Brush Fire,, Helms Rd. •Paper Work, Courthouse •Spoke to Subject, Sheriff's Office•Accident, Cooktown Rd. •Intoxicated Driver, Whites Bridge Rd. •Reckless Driver, Hwy. 27 S. •Traffic Stop, 45 South •Assist 799E with Arrest •Damage to Property, Grady Cobb Rd.

800F Suspicious Vehicle, Milford and Dancer St. •Met Subject, Sheriff's Office•Met Subject, Police Department •Disturbance Call, N. 1st St. •Out with Subject, 27 S. •Reported Reckless Driver, 27 S. •Out with 799E, Pine St. •Escort •Alarm 800S Assist EMTs, E. Bush St. •Stand by, Emergency Room •Subject in Custody •Assist 800F, Middle St. •Speak with Subject, Barnard's •Unwanted Subject, N. 1st St.

May 10 799O Brush Fire, 91 N. •Spoke to Subject, Sheriff's Office •Assist 799D •Drag Racing, Hornsby and Smokey Alley Rd. •Fire Alarm, Hospital •Prowler, Whites Bridge Rd. •Prowler, Old Donalsonville Rd. •Loud Music, Bush Dairy Rd.

800F Alarm, Hospital •Snake in Residence, 1st St. •Disturbance Call, West and Pine St. •Disturbance Call, Dancer St. •Disturbance Call, Yesterday's Diner

May 11 799O Brush Fire, Mayhaw Rd. •Brush Fire, Badcock Rd. •Tree Across Road, Joe Shingler Rd. •Stolen Dog, Phillipsburg Rd. 800F Out With 799O, S. 1st St. •Escort

911 Calls:
05-06 Cow Out, Whites Bridge Rd.
05-06 Meter Base Arc, Booker Rd.
05-07 Accident, Kirkland Rd.
05-07 Accident, N. Milford St.
05-07 Structure Fire, Pine and Phillips St.
05-07 Assist Motorist, Whites Bridge Rd.
05-07 Accident, Crawford and West St.
05-07 Dispute, Hwy. 27 S.
05-07 Brush Fire, Mayhaw Rd.
05-07 Stolen Vehicle, Old Damascus Rd.
05-08 Hang-up, Cellphone
05-10 Snake in House, N. 1st St.
05-10 Suspicious Vehicle, Meredith Rd.
05-10 Disturbance, N. Milford St.
05-11 Hang-up, Dancer St.
05-11 Prowler, Donalsonville Rd.
05-11 Loud Music, Bush Dairy Rd.
05-11 Unwanted Subject, Dancer St.
05-11 Stolen Cellphone, W. Crawford St.
05-11 Wrong Number, Hwy. 27 N.
05-11 Unwanted Person, Hwy. 27 N.

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