2008-05-07 / Health

Nursing Home News

by Suzanne Griffin

We had a very busy week this past week at Miller Nursing Home.

The residents made a thank you card on Monday which was given in celebration of National Volunteer Week which was April 27-May 3, 2008. We honored our volunteers with a luncheon at the Tarrer Inn on Wednesday. The volunteers have put in many hours and are a great help to us. There have been many times I have had to call on them for help, and they are willing to come at a minute's notice; for that and the many other things they do, I say thank you.

On Tuesday afternoon we also had the Temple Praise Band to share in song. We had a bowling match on Friday, and on Saturday we enjoyed having our families being with us.

May 11-17, 2008 is National Nursing Home Week, and it is going to be a week full of special events. This week is set aside to recognize not only the residents but also staff that plays a big part in their daily lives. The events and times are listed below, and if you would like to help, call the office and let me know. We would like to extend an invitation to each of you.

Schedule for Nursing Home Week May 11-17:

Sunday, May 11: 10:00 Sunday School, 3:00 Tea Party, 4:00 Christ Holiness

Monday, May 12: 10:30 Bible Study, 1:30 Volunteer Meeting, 6:30 Family Supper

Tuesday, May 13: 10:30 Bingo, 2:30 One Hour Bingo, 6:30 "The Parish Family"

Wednesday, May 14: 10:30 Church, 2:30 T-Ball

Thursday, May 15: 10:30 Bingo, 2:30 One Hour Bingo, 6:30 "The Willing Servants"

Friday, May 16: Rev. Earl Hallmon, 12:00 Fish Fry

Saturday, May 17: Family Day, 3:00 Family Game Day with Homemade Ice Cream

People Who Visited:

Vivian Warren and Mary Burkevisited Lazelle Smith.

Charles Houston visited Clara Huston.

Wilda Gardner visited Pauline Gardner.

Nancy and Mike visited Mae McDonald.

Russ and Georgia Ayers visited Pauline Gardner.

Justin, Kevin and Donna Fitzpatrick visited Margie Houston.

Sammy Gardner visited Pauline Gardner.

Jerry and Joyce Kolluss visited Pauline Gardner.

Shorty Howell and Hazel visited Ruther Jernigan.

Cathy and Sammy Gardner visited Pauline Gardner.

Charles Houston visited Clara Huston.

Reba Boyer visited Darien Eubanks.

Vera Hudson visited Darien Eubanks.

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