2008-04-30 / Public Safety

public safety report

April 21 799O Cow Out, Mayhaw Rd. •Served Paper x4 •911 Hang-up, Wacaser Corner Rd. •Returned Paper, Court House

800F Disturbing Cell, Park •Domestic, 1st St. •Loud Music, 2nd St. •Disturbance Call, Peter St. •Prowler Report, Grow St.

April 22 799O Served Papers x7 •Dog Fighting, Hwy. 27 S. •Suspicious Vehicle, Grimsley Bridge Rd. •Stolen Dog, Griffin SheffieldRd. •Cow Out, Three Notch Rd. •911 Hangup, Wacaser Corner Rd. •Assist Motorist, Mayhaw Rd.

799R Transport Prisoner to E.R., Hospital •Traffic Stop, Hwy. 27 S. •Traffic Stop, Hwy. 91 S.

800E Suspicious Vehicle, Perry St. •911 Hang-up Call, Peter St. •Alarm, Babcock Rd. •Unlock Car •Damage to Property, E. Bush St.

800F Met Subject, Sheriff's Office•Escort

April 23 799G Served Subpoena, West St. •Transport Subject to Bridgeway, Columbia, AL 800C Court 800D Disturbed Person

April 24 799G Escort, Hwy. 91 N. •Stolen Cell Phone, Walk-In •Escort •Phillips St. •Trash in Rd., Babcock Rd. •Accident, Walk-In •Assist Colquitt Police Department and Pataula Drug Task Force, Moore St.

800C Traffic Stop •Speak with Officerx2, Police Department •Served Warrant

800D Attempted Burglary, Main St. •Property Retrieval

April 25 799O Served Papers •Cow Out, 45 and Perry St. •Escort, Phillipsburg Rd. •Spoke to Subjects, Red Oak Dr. •Traffic Stop, Hwy. 91 and Mayhaw Rd. •Back up City with Traffic Stop •Unlock Vehicle, 3rd St. and 45 N.

800E Speeding •Found Bicycle, E. Crawford St. •Funeral Escort •School Bus Detail •Bond Subject Out of Jail •Unlock Vehicle, N. Cuthbert St. •Domestic, Hwy. 45 N.

800F Cows Out, 45 N. •Disturbance Call, 1st St. •Suspicious Vehicle, Crawford St. •Unlock Vehicle, 3rd St. •Unlock Vehicle, 45 N. •Suspicious Vehicle, Crawford St. •Suspicious Vehicle, Crawford St.

April 26 800F Met Subject •Out with 800S •Medical, Grow St. •Out with GSP, Milford and Main St. •Suspicious Vehicle, Crawford St. •Fight, Moore St.

April 27 800F Out with 800E, Milford and 4th St. •Assist Motorist, 1st and Main St. •Medical Call, Grace St. •Escort Subject to ER, Grace St.

911 Calls: 04-21 Child Playing on Phone, Bellview Rd. 04-21 Cows Out, 3 Notch and Mayhaw Rd. 04-21 Domestic, 45 N. 04-21 Hang-up, Cell Phone 04-21 Hang-up, Cell Phone 04-22 Sickness, Perry St. 04-22 Fainting, N. Cuthbert St. 04-22 Medical, Grow St. 04-22 Lost/Stolen Cell Phone, N. Milford St. 04-22 Suspicious Person, W. Crawford St. 04-22 Phone Trouble, Wacaser Corner Rd. 04-23 Medical, N. Milford St. 04-25 Phone Trouble, Avenue Rd. 04-25 Suspicious Person, Babcock St. 04-25 Wrong Number, Moulton Rd. 04-25 Domestic, N. 1st St. 04-25 Accident, Petro 04-25 Cows Out, 45 N. 04-25 Shots Fired, Red Oak Dr. 04-25 Phone Trouble, Hwy. 91 N. 04-25 Disturbance, Donalsonville Rd. 04-26 Medical, Grow St. 04-26 Concerned Citizen, E. College St. 04-27 Disturbance, Moore St. 04-27 Disturbance, Moore St. 04-27 Domestic, Mason Rd. 04-27 Domestic Threats, 91 N. 04-27 Accident, Milford and 4th St. 04-27 Road Hazard, Jeterville Rd. 04-27 Wrong Number, Cell Phone 04-28 Medical, N. Grace St.

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