2008-03-26 / School & Sports

Seminole Ramlins

by Jack Wingate

Will Rogers wrote near 100 years ago, "Ancient Rome declined because it had a Senate." Now what's going to happen to us? We have both a House and a Senate?" I bring this to mind because of the Supreme Court in Washington is hearing testimonies about gun control. Gun Control, in my opinion, "is where you put the first bullet." We here in Georgia have a law in effect already that judges, clerks of courts and court recorders "must" go to a school put on by Glock Guns on marksmanship, upkeep and how to wear it under your court apparel. My hats off to the powers that be that created this schooling. Someone is looking ahead.

A group from the Mableton Bass Club was here this past week, and they were surprised as to how the Lake has changed. The last time they were here was in '83 and the temp was 5°. Their steering cables were all froze up; we used anti-freeze and a hammer to thaw them out, but that time everyone was ready to go home.

We finally got some big bream taken by a certain stump on wigglers. We will have a good week this coming on bream and crackers.

Russell Smith let opening day go by and didn't take a gobbler. Most unusual behavior for Russell. I'm sure he'll let us know as the season gets to going.

David and Jennifer Avant with 2 nice Tom Turkeys they got on Saturday. David and Jennifer Avant with 2 nice Tom Turkeys they got on Saturday. David Avant and his wife, Jennifer, took two good Toms in the 20 pound class. Hers was a tad bigger and had a longer beard. She is sure a finewife; if he goes fishen, she's right there, hunting, the same way. Montana goose hunting, she's rite there. The next best thing to being there is to watch David tell the "Hunt Story." Took him almost two hours to get them in gun range.

No tournaments here this week, but next week will be a biggen out of the boat basin.

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