2008-03-26 / Public Safety

public safety report

March 17 799G Transport from Thomasville to Albany

800C Speak with Officer, Bird St. •Alarm, Crawford St. •Traffic Stop •Hit and Run, Police Department •Code Violation Issued •City Court •License Picked Up

800E Transport two Subjects from Court to Jail •Court •Children Playing in Road, Bush St. •Window Open, High School •Open Gate •Open Door •Escort

800F Unlock Auto x2 •911 Call, Dancer St. •Escort Subject to Police Department •Accident •Court •Stolen Bike, Bethel St.

March 18 799G Escort, 4th St. •Assist EMS, Hwy 91 N. •Pick-up Paperwork, Courthouse •Accident, Hwy. 45 S. •Criminal Trespass, Springhead Rd. •Served three Civil Papers 800C Traffic Stops x2 •Bus Detail

800E Unlock Car, Miller County Liberal •Suspicious Vehicle, Phillipsburg Rd.

800F Accident, 91 and 27 •Suspicious Vehicle, Crawford St. •Disturbance Call, E. Pine St.

March 19 799R Tree Across Road, Whites Bridge Rd. •Alarm, Hwy. 91 S.

800H Harassing Phone Calls •Met with Subject •Subject Walking, 27 S. •Escort •Accident, 27 N. •Entering Auto

800S Traffic Stop, S. Milford St. •911 Hang-up, S. Cuthbert St. •Assist 800K, Reed St. •Accident •Assist 800H with Accident, Crawford St.

March 20 799O Fire, Phillipsburg Rd. •Code 7, 91 N. •Accident, Three Notch Rd.

799R Court Detail, Courthouse •Pick Up Prisoners, Worth County Jail •Alarm, Hwy. 27 N. •Put Out Funeral Signs, Hwy. 91 N. •Unlock Vehicle, N. First St. •Assist Motorist, Cooktown Rd.

800H Unlock Vehicle x2 •Car on 27 N. •Theft by Taken •Speak with Subject •Door Open on House

800S Prisoner in Custody •Assist 800K, Reed St. •Assist 800K, Middle St. •Entering Auto, N. Milford St.

March 21 799G Speak with Subject, Johnny Freeman Rd. •Fire, Whites Bridge Rd. •Served four Civil Papers •Domestic, Rail Rd.

800E Stop Sign •Unlock Vehicle, Perry St. •Disturbance, Jail •Loud Music, E. Main St. •Suspicious Vehicle •No Tag •Assist 800C •Failure to Maintain •Escort

800F Deliver Message, Square •Suspicious Vehicle, Crawford St. •Disturbance Call, Bush St. •Entering Auto, Geer St. •Medical Call, Main St.

March 22 799G Escort, Main St. •Speak with Subject, Sheriff's Office •Suspicious Vehicle, Grady Cobb Rd. •Served two Subpoenas •Served Civil Paper

800C Speak with Officer, Grace St. •Fight and Shots Fired, Top Rd. •Assist 800E •Clear Lot, Top Rd. •Found Property, Milford St. •Traffic Stops x4 •Bus Detail •Escort, 91 S.

800F Assist Vehicle, Medical Center •Suspicious Vehicle, 1st and Pine St. •Escort, City Limits

March 23 800C Dog Problem, Thompson Town Rd. •Domestic, Milford St. •Domestic, 2nd St. •Domestic, Taylor St. •Traffic Stops x5 •Speak with Officer,Police Department •Escort, 2nd St.

911 Calls: 03-18 Damage to Property, E. Pine St. 03-19 Vehicle Accident, 4th and Crawford St. 03-19 Down Powerlines, Michael St. 03-19 Hang-up, S. Cuthbert 03-19 Smell of Smoke, Phillipsburg 03-20 Unlock Vehicle, Square 03-20 Stolen Meds, 45 N. 03-21 Medical, Main St. 03-21 Domestic, Ball Rd. 03-22 Medical, Pine St. 03-23 Unwanted Person, 2nd St.

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