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Wild Game Banquet gets better

by MCL staff writer

U. S. Marine Lt. Clebe McClary meets Miller County's Marine, Sgt. Stuart Brooks. U. S. Marine Lt. Clebe McClary meets Miller County's Marine, Sgt. Stuart Brooks. The Wild Game Banquet at First Baptist Church last Tuesday, March 18, was an enormous success.

The evening started as Dr. Carl Marshal, pastor of First Baptist Church, welcomed over 700 men, and a few women to the 2008 banquet. The blessing was given, and the food was served in remarkable order and timing. The entire crowd was served in less than one hour.

The food, under the cooking and supervision of Tubby Dancer and served by his many volunteers, was the largest variety and best of wild game foods anywhere in this part of the world.

After the food was served, Amos George presented the U.S. Flag. Sgt. Stuart Brooks led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance, and Maridell Callan sang "The Star Spangled Banner."

Dr. Marshall then introduced the featured speaker, Lt. Clebe McClary, a true American hero.

It was told that Patrick Cleburne, "Clebe," Mc- Clary, III was raised on a plantation in South Carolina. He grew up hunting, fishing and excelling in sports. Shortly before he married, Clebe enlisted in the Marine corps. Only months after the wedding, he had to leave his lovely bride to serve his country in war-torn Vietnam. Just after midnight on March 3, 1968, Lt. Clebe McClary's life changed forever.

Sgt. Brooks leads in "Pledge to Flag," and Mrs. Callan sings the National Anthem. Sgt. Brooks leads in "Pledge to Flag," and Mrs. Callan sings the National Anthem. Clebe's fight with the pain and disabilities that followed is truly amazing. He spent two and a half years in the hospital, under-going 34 major surgeries and enduring countless grueling hours of physical therapy.

Since that time, Lt. Mc- Clary has used his story of courage, faith and determination to touch the lives of people all over the world. He was told he would never walk again, yet he has run marathons and set treadmill tests that members of the Dallas Cowboys have been unable to beat. Lt. McClary believes that whatever the obstacles, anything can be accomplished with faith, courage and perseverance.

U.S. Marine Lt. Clebe McClary recounted the courageous story of how he rebuilt his devastated life. He told of how today he is in the service of the Lord's Army. He said the he tries to live a life showing that he genuinely embodies the vow he took when entering the Marines: Any mission assigned will be accomplished in a superior manner, no matter what the obstacles. Lt. McClary is what he likes to call a complete Marine. To him, USMC will always mean a U. S. Marine for Christ.

Lt. McClary is introduced by Dr. Marshal at the banquet. Lt. McClary is introduced by Dr. Marshal at the banquet. McClary told how he and his men were caught in enemy fire on Hill 146, deep in hostile territory. In the initial attack, he lost his left arm, yet continued to fight, worrying more about the safety of his men than his own injuries. McClary saw a grenade hurling towards him in time to throw up his right hand to protect his face. His left eye was torn out, both ear drums burst and his right hand was mutilated. Another grenade shredded his legs and knocked him to the ground. Death hovered over his broken body. He told how his remaining men held on and forced the enemy troops to pull back. With only moments to spare before the enemy's final deadly assault, a chopper arrived and carried him and the other to safety.

Other speakers have said this about Clebe McClary:

Clebe is a man who represents all that is good about this country, one of our best.

The Reverend Billy Graham

Clebe McClary represents all that is good in America. His tremendous courage is an inspiration to all who have heard his story. I am privileged to know him personally and to call him my friend.

Tom Landry, former head coach, Dallas Cowboys

Once you've listened to Clebe speak, your life will never be the same.

Dan Reeves, former head coach, Atlanta Falcons

Clebe is a genuine American hero with a convincing message that will inspire, encourage, entertain and offer genuine hope.

Zig Ziglar, president, The Zig Ziglar Corporation

A large number of gifts were given to some of those whose names were drawn.

Dr. Marshal thanked everyone for attending. "I want to thank the citizens of Miller County and the surrounding area for their support and the help we received. We are already planning next year's banquet, now scheduled for March 17, 2009. This ministry, perhaps more than any other in the area, provides us with an opportunity to raise an awareness of God," Dr. Marshal stated. See over 100 photos on our website click iPhoto

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