2008-03-05 / Public Safety

Law Enforcement Reports


Damage to Property

On February 29, Officer Jason Wells was called by Investigator Ken Kirkland to go around to Southwind Ford in reference to a car that had been keyed. Kellie Tabb Chappell stated that when she arrived at work around 7:40 a.m. the vehicle wasn't damaged. She stated that she noticed the vehicle had been keyed at approximately 10:30 a.m. The vehicle was keyed down both sides. Over $500 of damage was done. The case has been turned over to Investigator Ken Kirkland.

Car vs. Deer

On February 29, David James Givens was traveling northbound on Brinson Road when a deer entered the roadway from the northbound shoulder and ran out in front of his vehicle. Givens could not avoid the collision. The point of impact was in the northbound lane.

Damaged Property

On February 29, Officer Brad Cox was dispatched to Highway 91 North to make contact with Cherry Lee Powell and her son Jermaler Powell.

Mrs. Powell stated that as she was traveling southbound on Highway 91 North, she passed a semitruck pulling a flatbed. Powell stated that as the semi passed by her, a paint can flew off the back of the trailer and struck her windshield. Mrs. Powell stated that the semi never stopped and kept going.

Officer Cox observed where the paint can had struck the windshield on the driver's side, bending the left windshield wiper arm, leaving orange paint and caving the windshield in. Mrs. Powell nor her passenger were seriously injured by the accident.

Criminal Trespass

On February 29, Officer Brad Cox was dispatched to Bryan Road, in reference to damaged property. Debra Schilling stated that she came to check the premises and discovered that someone had broken out a back bedroom window at the residence. Schilling stated that she had found nothing missing from inside the residence, or any other possible points of entry. Schilling and Officer Cox walked out to the shop and discovered that someone had tried to pry into the shop's metal doors, but were unable to gain entry.

Schilling stated that the last time that she had been at the residence was the previous Wednesday, and the window was not broken at that time. This incident has been turned over to investigations at this time.

Vehicle Accident

Car vs. Deer

On February 28 Jerry Reed was traveling West on Whites Bridge Road and three deer entered into the path of his vehicle. Reed avoided the first two deer, but the collision with the third deer could not be avoided.

Vehicle Accident

On Saturday, March 1, Debra Jones of Colquitt was traveling northbound on Johnny Freeman Road in a 2005 Honda Civic. She was negotiating a curve, when she ran onto the northbound shoulder of the roadway. Jones over corrected the vehicle at that time causing the vehicle to spin counter clockwise across the southbound shoulder and into a fence off the roadway where the car came to a final rest facing soutbound.

Deputy Brad Cox was the investigating officer.

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