2008-03-05 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

I'm back -
by Terry Toole

Just in case you haven't missed us, my first wife and "ye scribe" have been gone for a solid seven days and just returned to Colquitt from deep Florida.

After driving almost 1,000 miles, I eased into my garage without letting anyone know we were back in town. Last time we went to Florida, I was put under the protection of our local law officerssince "someone" wanted me dead. I hope the season is closed on editors since nothing was done about the shooting and murder-for-hire cases billed by the Grand Jury.

Now you can slip out of town on the weekend occasionally in this business, but to take off a week, you have to have good help at the office,and we do. The few that are left did an outstanding job. In fact, we were in good shape for this week's edition. I wonder if they are trying to tell me that they can do finewithout me.

We have decided that there are two things that we don't want to leave home without when we leave Colquitt. The first is a cell phone. If we want to stay in touch with home, or we get lost, we can use our cell phones.

The next indispensable traveling companion is our newly acquired friend, Jo, the car navigation system that Tammy gave to Betty Jo last Christmas. She named it "JO."

I'll tell you the truth, I really didn't like the thing at first. Having two women telling you what to do and where to go and how to get there is a bit much. However, the more we used the mini-computer, the more we liked it.

We left town Sunday February 24. and drove all the way to Cocoa Beach, FL, which is a long way. I can tell you that you need at least a roll of quarters when you hit Florida's toll roads. Every few miles, they want 50¢ to $2.50 to ride their roads. Not a bad idea to let those pay who use it. After about seven hours of driving, we arrived at the Resort on Cocoa Beach. It was super nice. We stayed there a good bit.

I've told you before, if you want the very most out of a vacation, go with Betty Jo or Tammy. I'm not sure which is the best "tour guide." Either one will keep you going and get the most for your time.

The two of us were going to get away and relax, yeah! I really believed her the first day. We slept until around noon. Then the "tour guide" started to make plans. She can read me like a book.

"Let's go down to the docks and watch the fishing boats come in," she suggested.

I knew something was up when she started asking for the best places to dine out. This is one of the areas of Florida that the giant cruise ships embark and leave. They also have the large gambling casino ships that go out each day to take the patrons money. Gambling boats must go out three miles to get theirs. We didn't gamble, but we did watch the fishing boats come in and ate at a place called Fishlips. It was very good.

I had said I would like to just "sorry away," but my tour guide had other ideas. On Tuesday we got up early going to a time share presentation. For only an hour, we would get $75 cash and $50 meal tickets to Ron Jons Restaurant. Not bad for an hour. After we finished there, we went to visit my first-cousin, Carl Collins Jr. and his wife, Elissa at an island over at Melbourne. We enjoyed the reunion. While on that island, my tour guide obtained us great tickets to the Ann Murray concert. She was great. We got in late, so Wednesday morning, we slept late and enjoyed the condo. Charles and Patsie Bevis came in about 4:30, and we enjoyed them and they brought us the current edition of the Miller County Liberal.

On Thursday morning, the four of us headed to Kennedy Space Center. I'm not all that into space travel, but each of us really enjoyed the Cape. It was interesting history, what's happening now, and what will happen in the future. It is a must-see if you go near there. You can easily spend two days there. We all almost froze to death while at Cape Canaveral, but it was worth the entire trip.

On Friday, we walked on the beach along the Atlantic Ocean, enjoyed fresh seafood at Ron Jons and three of them played cards.

One of the reasons for the trip was to go to a wedding. Watch next week for more on this trip that included one finewedding and a funeral.

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