2008-03-05 / Community

We have more surprises

Colquitt is noted for many good things, but one of her latest honors was being named the "Mural City of Georgia." Haven't you enjoyed our murals? They have set our town aside as being a "first" in the entire state.

Our murals are beautiful, colorful, story-related and widely admired. But have you noticed the two blank walls downtown that are already prepared and are crying to be painted? These walls need adornment, but artists must be hired, and must be selected, and most of all funds must be raised.

Thus on April 12 there will be a happening titled, "Paint the Town Spring Fling." For this occasion, many fun things are being planned for your enjoyment. Begin looking forward to a luscious dinner, an auction sale, and many other special to-do's.

The cause is splendid, and the entertainment is great. For more surprises, you'll have to wait -- till next week.

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