2008-02-06 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Things change for good or bad
by Terry Toole

By the time most of you read this, you will have already voted in the Presidential Primaries, and I congratulate you for making a choice, as poor as most of the candidates were. Of all my years of voting, I believe that this was the worst that I have ever seen.

Maybe I am getting old, and not changing with the times as so many seem to be doing. I know that things change for better or worse. Unless I'm getting old timer's disease, I think I know which way change is going.

I came from a time when we didn't have to lock doors at night because our neighbors were good people, and we didn't have to worry about them messing with our stuff or us. I'm sure that people back then knew better than to come into your home without being asked. Everyone had a gun, and it was acceptable to protect what was yours. Our laws would put people who didn't do right in places that human beings in their right minds didn't want to go.

Good people were shown respect by others, and bad people were put in prison camps that made them work to pay their time for being bad. It wasn't perfect, as nothing we humans do is, but it seemed to work.

When I was young, you didn't want a teacher or principal to call your parents and tell them you were doing wrong in school. If they did, you were punished for not doing right and when you returned, you would sit down and do right, if you could sit down. The parents didn't question the teacher; they straightened out the matter at home.

This didn't surprise me or any other student when we were punished at home for what we did at school since we were taught better.

Times have changed. I'm not too sure for the best. Some parents today have left teaching good manners, good citizenship and respect up to the schools and to the teachers. I'm sure that is not the place to start teaching those qualities.

I hate to admit it, but I'm sure people have changed, or maybe accepted things that our parents and grandparents would have thought to be very unacceptable.

Who would have thought that we would ever have let our government and our courts make it legal to kill babies in the womb or worse?

We have just passed the 35th anniversary for the birthday of something that happened in our nation that has affected more people and changed our nation more than most anything in its 231-year history.

Normally a birthday is something to celebrate, but this is one our nation will be punished for more than anything we have allowed. It could well end this United States.

To date, the low estimate is that since Roe vs. Wade was made legal in 1973 by a packed Democratic Supreme Court, over 40,000,000 babies have been legally murdered. The more realistic estimate is 50 million killed in the past 35 years. That is around 1.5 million per year or 4,000 dead babies per day.

To put this in perspective, from 1776 to 2008, the number of soldiers killed in wars is 1,007,960. That is in 11 wars in the past 232 years.

America is killing more unborn American babies yearly than Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin did in their lifetimes.

The Democratic Party nominees all believe in Pro-Choice (killing babies in the womb). Most of the Republican candidates believe in Pro-life (making abortion on demand illegal).

Things change as has the Democratic Party. I hope that the national, state and local candidates choose their parties that they want to represent them.

Some changes in many of the offices of government are needed. If those who are there are not willing to stand up for what is right for our nation, our state, our county and our city, then the people must make the changes.

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