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Severe Weather Awareness Week proclaimed

Barbie Womble and Mayor Jerry Chapman Barbie Womble and Mayor Jerry Chapman By the Mayor of Colquitt and the Miller County Commissioners a proclamation :

Severe weather awareness week 2008

WHEREAS: Each year Colquitt and Miller County residents face the threat of severe weather events such as lightning, thunderstorms, floods, flash floods, hailstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes, all potentially dangerous to life, health and property; and

WHEREAS: Urbanization and continued population growth increase the potential for these storms to cause death and destruction; and

WHEREAS: During the past 30 years, severe weather events caused the deaths of at least 298 people in Georgia; and

WHEREAS: Numerous weather-related injuries and substantial property damage occurred in Georgia in 2007; and

WHEREAS: It is vital that effective public education programs concerning severe weather systems and preparedness procedures continue for the benefit of all citizens of Colquitt and Miller County; and

WHEREAS: Departments and agencies of the local, state and federal governments, along with volunteer and professional associations, elected leaders and news media, are committed to informing Miller County citizens about safety and severe weather preparedness procedures so that they may better protect themselves, their families and their neighbors; and

WHEREAS: The State of Georgia is launching Ready Georgia, a public awareness campaign to help Georgia's citizens understand the importance of emergency preparedness and provide them with the tools necessary to be prepared in the event of a weather-related or other emergency; now

THEREFORE: We, Jerry Chapman, Mayor of the City of Colquitt, and Barbie Womble, Chairperson of the Miller County Commissioners, do hereby proclaim the week of February 3-9, 2008, as "Severe Weather Awareness Week" in Colquitt & Miller County, and encourage our citizens to become more aware of severe weather safety measures and to participate in the various awareness programs scheduled during the week:

February 3 - Sunday Family Preparedness Day

February 4 -Monday NOAA Weather Radio

February 5 - Tuesday Thunderstorms

February 6 -Wednesday Statewide Tornado Drill

February 7 -Thursday Lightning

February 8 -Friday Floods/ Flash Floods

February 9 -Saturday SKYWARN ™

In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hands and caused the Seals of the City and County to be affixedthis third day of February in the year of our Lord two thousand and eight.

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