2008-01-30 / Public Safety

Bainbridge has another fire fatality

Firefighterswork to put out fireat house that claims one life. Firefighterswork to put out fireat house that claims one life. Mr. Roy Lee Akins made a final mistake Friday night, January 25, when he went back into his burning house for "something he forgot." He did not come back out.

Ms. Mary Murphy, his mate of 11 years, said she was in the back of the house and smelled smoke. When she went to the front room, she found Mr. Akins asleep in a sofa chair that was smoking and starting to catch fire.

Both she and Mr. Akins escaped to the front porch where they called 911.

A few minutes later, Mr. Akins told his companion that he had to go back into the house to get something. At that point, the chair was blazing, and the flames spread quickly from there. Forty-one year-old Roy Lee Akins did not come back out.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, the front of the house was totally engulfed.

Mr. Akins was found in a back room of the house not far from the back door.

Mary Murphy said he had fallen asleep while smoking. She did not understand why he could not find and get out of the back door of the house but remembered one of the last things he told her was he loved her.

Decatur county deputies were on the scene when Decatur County Fire and volunteers from Kendrick, Fowlstown, Black Jack, Brinson and Climax units arrived.

The firemen were able to knock down the flames within about 10 minutes. The house continued to smoke as firefighters tore off siding to assure it was out.

Editors note: This article and picture was taken from BainbridgeGA.com

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