2008-01-30 / Public Safety

Law Enforcement Reports

Driving Under the


On January 21, 2008 OfficerDan Stone was running stationary radar in the area of Crawford Street. Officer Stone heard a vehicle coming down the road with extremely loud music. The music could be heard well over 100 feet. OfficerStone let the vehicle pass him and confirmedthat he had the right vehicle. OfficerStone stopped the vehicle and made contact with the driver,

Timothy Paul Lemire. OfficerStone asked him for his license and insurance. At this time, OfficerStone could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the offender's vehicle. OfficerStone administered a road side test on the offender. He was then administered a road side alcosensor test which came back positive for alcohol. Mr. Lemire was then placed under arrest and transported to the sheriff's officeand administered the intox 5,000. The first sampled given was a .097 grams%, and the second was .096 grams%. Mr. Lemire was charged with driver w/ability impaired by alcohol or drugs, driving under the influence, and loud music.

Damage to Property

On January 25, 2008 Officer Greg Richey responded to Country Boys Petro in reference to a possible break-in. Upon arrival, OfficerRichey spoke with

Wallace Roberts concerning the incident. Mr. Roberts stated that when he arrived at the store to open, he noticed that one of the windows had been broken out of the store. Mr. Roberts then unlocked the door and both, Mr. Roberts and OfficerRichey, entered the store to make sure that no one was inside. Upon entering the store, Mr. Roberts and OfficerRichey looked around to see if anything was tampered with. After looking around, Mr. Roberts determined that nothing on the inside of the store had been tampered with. At this point the scene was then secured and turned over to investigations.

Disorderly Conduct

On January 26, 2008, OfficerChris Medina and OfficerDan Stone were sent to Bethel Street in reference to a disturbance. Upon their arrival, both officerswere met outside by a very intoxicated offender. The offender,

Lamar Charles Bush was escorted inside to try to findout what the problem was. It was stated Mr. Bush was becoming very combative, around four small children who were at the residence. The officerstried to talk to Mr. Bush, who refused to obey verbal commands given to him for the safety of the officersand people in the residence. Mr. Bush was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and taken to the sheriff's office.At the sheriff's office,Mr. Bush became combative again. He was finally brought under control and then booked.

Driving On Suspended


On January 27, 2008, OfficerHollis Smith was on patrol and passed a small van that Matthew P. Avery was driving. OfficerSmith turned around and made a traffic stop on the vehicle for two reasons: one he did not have a working brake light on the driver's side of the van and the other being OfficerSmith knew that he did not have a valid driver's license because of a traffic stop a few month's earlier that led to a DUI and his license being suspended. OfficerSmith asked dispatch to run his name and date of birth through GCIC. OfficerSmith was advised they were still suspended. Mr. Avery was placed under arrest for driving on suspended license.


On January 23, 2008, Dexter Deon Gilbert was traveling southbound on Phillips Street. He traveled across the roadway into the northbound lane and tried to correct the path of the vehicle. Mr. Gilbert lost control of the vehicle, causing it to travel off the roadway hitting the ditch and running through a chain link fence at the Henny Penny Sound Studio. After striking and traveling through the fence ,the vehicle started to spin in a counter-clockwise direction. During the spin of the vehicle, the tires of the vehicle dug into the dirt, causing the vehicle to overturn. The vehicle came to rest on its tires facing east, back towards the roadway. Upon Officer Richey's arrival, he found that the possible driver, Dexter Gilbert, had been fully ejected from the vehicle and was lying by the rear passenger side of the vehicle. Gilbert was transported to the Miller County Hospital for treatment. Mr. Gilbert was later charged with driving with no license and no seat belt.

On January 24, 2008, Delunta Tequan Huntley was attempting to make a left turn onto East Pine Street after traveling south on N. First Street.

Jeffery Hatcher was stopped at the stop sign on East Pine Street. Ms. Huntley misjudged the clearance and struck Mr. Hatcher's front driver side bumper, causing minor damage to Mr. Hatcher's vehicle and slight damage to Ms. Huntley's vehicle. No citations or injuries were reported.

On January 23, 2008, Pamela Louise Harrell was traveling south on Hwy. 39. A deer came out and struck the right front fender of her vehicle.

On January 24, 2008, Ricky Deese was traveling south on Hwy. 27 when a deer struck the front of his vehicle.

On January 25, 2008, Oliver Donald Cook backed into Bettye Perkins Sutton, who was parked behind Mr. Cook. Slight damage was done to the passenger side front quarter panel of Ms. Sutton's vehicle, and it also broke out the headlight. A passenger in Mrs. Sutton's vehicle blew the horn before Mr. Cook hit the vehicle, but Mr. Cook did not hear the horn blowing. Jason Wells was the reporting officer.

Possession of Marijuana

On January 26, 2008, OfficerChris Medina was on patrol headed west on Crawford Street, when OfficerMedina came upon a Chevrolet Caprice. The tag was obscured and unable to be read. Upon stopping the vehicle, OfficerMedina spoke with the driver,

Ms. Brittney O'Berry and asked her for her driver's license and proof of insurance. Brittney gave her license and insurance card to OfficerMedina, and he checked for validity and it came back there was no insurance coverage on the vehicle. While talking to Brittney about the status of her insurance, OfficerMedina began smelling an odor of marijuana coming from inside the car. OfficerMedina then asked Brittney where the marijuana was, and she and her passenger Tyler Chapman advised that it was under the seat. Tyler advised that they were smoking marijuana just before the traffic stop. Brittney was then taken to the Miller County Hospital for testing and then transported to the Miller County Jail where she was charged with possession of marijuana, DUI marijuana, and no insurance. Tyler was transported to the Miller County Jail where he was charged with possession of marijuana.

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