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Two drug arrests made in traffic stop

by MCL staff writer

On Tuesday December 18, two suspects were arrested and charged with several cases in a routine traffic stop.

According to the incident report, Colquitt Police officer Lonnie Wade was on general patrol in the area of Pine Street when he observed a brown Ford Crown Victoria with an expired tag. The officerinitiated a traffic stop at the intersection of N. Fourth St. and E. Pine Street.

When the officermade contact

with the driver, he discovered

Christmas there was no insurance

on the vehicle. The officerthen asked the driver to step out of the vehicle for proper identificationand found out that a warrant was current at Miller County Sheriff Depart- ment for the driver Reginald Kelley, 21, of 63 Railroad Street.

The driver was then arrested and placed in the patrol car.

The officer made contact with the passenger, Quentero Kelley. The passenger gave conflicting stories as to what he and the driver had been doing that evening.

The officerrequested that the Sgt. Kirkland be en route to the scene with the K-9. After Sgt. Kirland spoke with the driver and passenger, he began a search. OfficerRichey was asked to arrest the passenger, Quentero Kelley for possession of cocaine. As the vehicle was searched, a clear plastic bag with a white substance was found, along with forms of marijuana, seeds and stems.

A wrecker was called to remove the vehicle and the two subjects were transported to the jail and booked.

Reginald Kelley, 21, was charged with possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana and no insurance.

Quentero Kelley, 17, was charged with possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana.

Colquitt Police OfficerLonnie Wade was the reporting officer.

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