2007-12-26 / Calendar

birthdays and calendar of events

Wednesday, December 26 Birthdays: Halle Mathis, Kelly Henry, Inez Holmes, Mary Phillips, Eleanor Hand, Johnny Vaughn Jr, Alex West, Gregory Brock; Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Berry Rentz

Thursday, December 27 Birthdays: Gary Cannon, Gail Evans, Angela Rathel, Bartow A. Bailey III, Michael Joiner, Tammy Rue, Dawn Josey, Michael Johnston

Friday, December 28 Birthdays: Claude Griffin, Ethel SheffieldHaire, Joel Grimes, Keith Lovering, Jill McNease, Bob Kikel, Uva Mason, Una Mason, Joanna Cook Jenkins, Scott Cook, Jim McNease, W.A. (Buddy) Bush, Woodrow Wilson (1856); Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cannon, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Torbert, Mr. and Mrs. Grady Fulghum, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lomineck

Sat urday, DECEMBER 29 Birthdays: Chase Henley, Charles Ray, Joye Bailey, Trey Bush, Lindsey Clearman Houston, Anita Tabb, Matthew Tully, Gregory Brock, Andrew Johnson (1808)

Sunday, DECEMBER 30 Birthdays: Ken Henry, Wanda Griffin, Amanda T. Griffin, Tonya Hines McDaniel, Rebekah Skipper, John Ritter, Jane Hunter, Colby Widner, Jamie Cowart; Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Terry McVey

Monday, december 31 Birthdays: April McNease Helms, Daron Sloan, Troy Williams, Brett Andrews, Suanne Chapman, Alice Johnson, Chris Keaton, Justin Brooks, Ray Josey Jr., Billy Rentz, Elizabeth Anne Stewart; Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Hutto Houston, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bevis

TUESDAY, January 1 New Year's Day Birthdays: Decima Mock Houston, April Clanton Massey, Jesse DeLuna, Tiffany Harrelson, Liz Lovering, Linda Milnes, Kimberly Joiner, Sheri Warren, Lowell McNease, Georgia

Kinne, Don Poff, Sherry Stovall, Jason Grimsley, Paul Revere (1735), Betsy Ross (1752);

Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Ishmond Roland

If you would like to add your name or some family member's name to our calendar, please mail or e-mail it to us. If you see anything that needs to be corrected, such as a death, a divorce, marriage or error, please call us at 229/758-5549, or it may stay in our master fileforever. We at the Miller County Liberal wish you all much happiness on your very special day.

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