2007-12-05 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

We choose right or wrong -
by Terry Toole

Last week felt more like spring than almost winter. We still need lots of rain to catch up with the drought, but this too shall pass. There is a reason for everything. I guess that's what the writer meant when he said for everything, be thankful. That command and the one that says, love everybody are two of the hardest ones I have trying to do.

This last half of this year has been challenging to say the least for "ye scribe." For the first time in my 71 years, I have been invited to go to court for various reasons. Of all the subpoenas served, they were caused by an outright lie. It seems like some of our elected officials have a way with words. They have found that when they get caught doing things that they shouldn't, they can get some relief by getting someone else to get those who report on misdeeds. This has happened to me, my family and some very good friends. Because of an outright lie, at least three families will never be the same. Some have had charges made against them that will go with them to their grave. Old friends will never have that warm feeling they have had for the past 60 or more years. Children and grandchildren will learn to dislike because what has and will happen due to lies by, or for a vicious, power-hungry person. This person is more dangerous than a rabid dog. This person who gets others to do the dirt, most of the time, has been caught before and will be again.

The only thing that I say to our courts and our law enforcement officersis bad things that have happened in Colquitt, Miller County, in the past six months do not need to happen again.

We have too good a community to allow beatings, intimidation, shootings that could have been murder, attempts of murder for hire, brags of possible ambushes with high-powered pistols with scopes, drunk-driving, alcoholics, cocaine addicts, threatening phone calls to those who stand for right or attempt to help stop this illegal activity. As I said, most of this was started from downright lies. It's even dangerous to thank someone or say "bless your heart."

When it becomes dangerous to report crimes and to try to help stop this type of mafiaactivity, things have gone far too far. Crimes must be stopped with penalties to match the crimes. Criminals must pay for what they do. Money or position shouldn't be able to buy off some, or all crimes, and penalize those without status or money.

As I said, I have trouble thanking God for everything, especially the bad things that happen, and loving my enemies.

I can see where troubles and even threats of death sometime make us see that things need changing. I have seen many good things happen from some of the troubles of the past six months in this community. I even pray for God to change the hearts of those who are doing these dastardly things. I ask Him to give me the ability to do His will, no matter the costs.

Everyone affected by these crimes wished they had never happened, save one and Satan.

At this Christmas season, we should all try our best to be thankful for the One who came to give us the opportunity to ask for forgiveness for our many sins and try to do better by trying to be more like Him who was sent to show us how to live, act and love one another.

By the time you get this, I hope and pray that we have had a good rain and it will be a bit cooler. I was wondering last week if I might ought to have left out a couple of my short-sleeve shirts and some walking shorts. Now I'm not complaining. This near perfect weather we are having is just what I would choose if I had a choice. You don't need an air conditioning or heating system too much.

Speaking of choices, we have the freedom to choose to do right or wrong. We are promised what each will bring us.

Have a blessed Christmas!

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