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Local veterans honored on Veteran's Day

by LeighAnne Walton

Some of the local veterans of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars were at Bellview FWB Church on Veterans' Day. Some of the local veterans of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars were at Bellview FWB Church on Veterans' Day. On Sunday, November 11, Bellview Free Will Baptist Church held a Veterans' Day service to honor Colquitt veterans. All known veterans were invited to attend and be a part of this special day.

The service began with the Presentation of Colors by some of the veterans in attendance. The American flag, Christian flag, and flags of each branch of American military services were presented.

Once the flags were in place Laura Reynolds sang the National Anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner."

Bellview FWB church pastor, Mike Mounts, led in a prayer of thanksgiving for and blessing upon each veteran and current member of our military. The congregation then recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the American and Christian flags and the Holy Bible.

Pastor Mounts introduced each veteran in attendance as the theme song for each branch of service was played. The men stood across the front of the sanctuary and received a lengthy standing ovation.

Before the message, Stuart Brooks, USMC, sang "A Few Good Men."

The featured speaker was CDR Robert P. Cooper, CHC, USN. Chaplain Cooper, a native Mississippian, retired from active duty on August 1, 2007, after more than 27 years of active service. He pastored in South Carolina and Mississippi prior to entering the chaplaincy in 1980. He and his wife Ada currently live in Melbourne, Florida.

Chaplain Cooper began his message by encouraging everyone to pray for our men and women who are currently serving our country. He also reminded the congregation that the families of these soldiers need our prayers as well. In reference to the war in Iraq, Chaplain Cooper said that we cannot answer all the questions about this war such as why are we fighting, how long will we be fighting, and who are we fighting; we just need to remember that our men and women are there, and they need our prayers and support. Chaplain Cooper continued his message by referring to the scriptures found in John 16:33 and Ephesians 6: 1 0-13. He encouraged everyone to live victoriously by fighting according to God's plan. He compared the necessity of the Christian soldier being completely armed to the necessity of a completely geared soldier on the field today.

The service was impressive and emotional as many of this county's veterans were honored.

Anyone interested in an audiotape of the service may contact the church office at 229-758-2087.

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